Hate crimes more prevalent in blue states, FBI report reveals

by WorldTribune Staff, November 16, 2016

Hate crimes are most likely to be committed in traditional blue states, according to newly released FBI data.

imageIn 2015, over 800 of the 5,850 hate crimes reported nationwide were committed in California. Other blue states with high numbers of incidents included New York (500), Massachusetts (411), New Jersey (330) and Washington State (275), the FBI said.

Florida, with the fourth-largest population in the nation, had 72 total hate crimes reported in 2015.

A total of 2,125 offenses were committed against blacks while whites fell victim in the second largest hate crime demographic slot, with a total of 734 offenses. Hispanics suffered 379 offenses.

The FBI report said that Jewish Americans (695) saw more than double the hate crimes against them compared to Muslim Americans (301).

Gay men suffered 758 offenses due to their sexual orientation, a slight increase from 2014 levels. Roughly 18 percent of all hate crimes were because of a bias against a sexual orientation.

For Americans with disabilities, physical and mental, hate crimes decreased from 2014 with 88 offenses, compared to the previous 95.