Hanson optimistic about America’s future despite ‘most radical’ president ever

by WorldTribune Staff, February 7, 2022

Historian Victor Davis Hanson said he is “guardedly optimistic” about the future of the United States because the nation’s “fundamental institutions” have not “broken yet” amid the “most radical” White House administration in history.

Biden “is the most radical president I think we’ve had in our history,’ Hanson said.

Those institutions are being threatened by “people who are trying to destroy the system that gave them their affluence and prosperity,” Hanson said in The Telegraph’s latest edition of its Off Script podcast.

“Whether it’s the 180-year-old filibuster, or the 233-year-old Electoral College … or the 150-year 9-person Supreme Court, or the constitutional idea that the states have primary responsibility for setting voting law, all of those are under assault now.”

“We have staggering amounts of asymmetrical wealth in the two coastal areas. … Our problem is that we’ve got a very, very globalist cosmopolitan population … and they do not believe in American values as we have known them,” Hanson said.

Asked to rate Joe Biden stacked up against those who preceded him, Hanson noted that Woodrow Wilson had become “so enfeebled he was comatose nearly” and “we’re getting to the point where Joe Biden is not able to go out and work an 8-hour day like most people. … What most of us feel in America now is that he did a Faustian bargain with the Left … and carried the progressive agenda across the finish line and then the progressives felt his task was done and he should sort of recede into the shadows.”

Biden “is the most radical president I think we’ve had in our history,” Hanson said.

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