Hannity: Biden’s handlers ‘trying to buy time’ for their ‘cognitively struggling’ boss

by WorldTribune Staff, March 10, 2021

The decline in Joe Biden’s mental acuity is obvious and “the American people deserve answers,” Fox News host Sean Hannity said in his Tuesday broadcast.

Joe Biden often goes to bed before prime-time television hours, Sean Hannity noted.

“He barely has any public events. His vice president, Kamala Harris, is taking solo calls with world leaders. That would be the commander-in-chief’s job,” Hannity noted.

The Fox News host pointed to reports that the 78-year-old Biden often goes to bed before prime-time television hours, contrasting that with former President Donald Trump, who was often up into the early morning hours.

“They are clearly trying to buy time,” Hannity said of Biden’s handlers. “They absolutely know that Joe Biden is struggling cognitively. He is a walking liability … He can barely read from a teleprompter.”

Hannity said he had “a theory on how this is all going to play out. Uncharacteristically, for now, I’m going to keep that to myself. I will share it in due time.”

Hannity asked why White House staff is “continuing to hide President Biden? What do they know? You, we have a right to know.”

Hannity added: “Every single Democrat needs to be asked, do they see Joe struggling cognitively? It is a legitimate question. It’s a question that Democrats and the media mob had no trouble asking about Ronald Reagan in 1984 … they had no problem raising these issues with John McCain when he was running in 2008 … The guy now fast asleep at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, that’s not the same guy I remember just four short years ago.”

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