Hamas: Fatah terror cell planned to assassinate Egypt’s Sisi

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A Fatah terror cell plotted to kill Egyptian President Abdul Fatah Sisi and then frame Hamas for the assassination, a senior Hamas official claimed.

In a statement on May 16, Hamas representative Salah al-Bardawil said a Gazan terror cell formed by Tawfiq Tirawi, a senior Fatah official and the former head of the Palestinian Authority General Intelligence Services, planned to carry out the assassination plot.

Tafiq Tirawi
Tawfiq Tirawi

Bardawil said documents provided to him show the terrorist cell conspired to put the blame for Sisi’s assassination on Hamas in an effort to destroy Hamas’s relations with Egypt, which have recently grown warmer.

“We will convey these documents to Egypt and to other regional parties to show them the grave conspiracy created by Tirawi,” Bardawil said.

Tirawi said the allegations “are ridiculous and do not deserve a reaction.”

In an interview with the Palestinian news agency Wafa, Fatah Spokesman Osama al-Qawasmi stated: “Bardawil’s allegations are lies that no Egyptian or Palestinian child believes in.

“His false remarks aim at covering up Hamas’s crimes in the Gaza Strip and are an attempt by Hamas to steer the compass away from the dire humanitarian situation that stems from the organization’s policy on the one hand, and from the Israeli occupation on the other hand.”