Guarding Comrade Kim: Hiring of Russian security consultants signals loss of faith in inner circle

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By Geostrategy-Direct

An increasingly paranoid Kim Jong-Un has hired about a dozen ex-Soviet KGB agents to stave off what the young dictator believes are constant U.S. plots to assassinate him.

Kim Jong-Un is said to be ‘extremely nervous’ about plans to terminate him. / AP

Apparently, Kim does not fully trust his personal bodyguards, who were plucked from “Office Number 6” of the Guard Command that protects elites in North Korea.

According to North Korean watchers in Japan and South Korea, Kim is obsessed with available reports on plots against him, whether real or speculative.

Kim Jong-Un “can trust no one but he must rely on someone, and his Russian experts provide the personal and professional detachment needed to uncover threats that may be lurking close to the maximum leader,” James S. Robbins, senior fellow for national security affairs at the American Foreign Policy Council, wrote for U.S. News & World Report on Aug. 30.

“The fact that Kim has had to resort to outsiders to maintain power, however, tells us that he lacks trust in his own power structure.”

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