Group credits conservative news sites after credit card donations restored

by WorldTribune Staff, August 26, 2018

The founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center credited conservative news sites after the think tank had its ability to accept credit card donations restored.

David Horowitz

“Why this reversal? We believe it was due to the massive support we received across the Internet when the story broke … who correctly reported this attack on us as an attack on freedom of speech itself and a calculated effort by networked organizations of the left to pressure corporations like Mastercard and Visa to collaborate in their determined effort to erase conservatism from our national political dialogue,” think tank founder David Horowitz said in a statement to Breitbart News on Aug. 24.

The initial decision to financially blacklist the think tank was made by payment processor Worldpay allegedly at the request of Mastercard after leftist organizations Southern Poverty Law Center and Color of Change labeled the Freedom Center as a hate group, Breitbart reported.

Worldpay reinstated the Freedom Center’s ability to process credit card transactions following coverage of the story by the Drudge Report and a large number of alternative, conservative media outlets.

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Horowitz added in the statement to Breitbart: “One thing we know for sure is that despite this defeat, the left will keep up the pressure and the same thing will happen again – if not to the Freedom Center then to other conservative organizations and individuals.

“This effort to shut down conservatism’s ability to raise the funds that make its voice heard was not the result of an arbitrary decision by some politically correct middle manager at Mastercard.  It was a decision at the highest corporate levels and the result of an elaborate and carefully designed campaign by leftists to silence conservative voices on the Internet and therefore in America’s national dialogue.

“This campaign is masterminded by two George Soros-funded organizations – Media Matters, which has waged a holy war against conservatives in the media for two decades, and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which has managed to get itself taken seriously as an authority on ‘hate speech’ and ‘hate groups’ by a credulous and collaborative mainstream press.  Thus a sort of tape loop has been created in which the SPLC stigmatizes these groups by featuring them on its ‘hate maps,’ associating  them with ‘neo fascism’ and ‘racism’ and putting them on the equivalent of Joseph McCarthy’s subversives list which the mainstream media then obligingly uses in its reporting and activist organizations like Color of Change and in lobbying corporations such as Mastercard and social media such as Twitter and Facebook.”

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