GREATEST HITS, 14: New Zealand whistleblower arrested after revealing shocking number of Covid vax deaths

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by WorldTribune Staff, December 1, 2023; Updated Dec. 3, 2023

[Editor’s Note: This story, originally published on Dec. 1 has been updated following the whistleblower’s arrest.]

The administrator of New Zealand’s Covid vaccine database who turned whistleblower and revealed an alarming percentage of individuals who received the Covid jab died soon after has been arrested, reports say.

After several independent media outlets, including, published Liz Gunn’s interview with the whistleblower, he was arrested on Sunday in relation to the “unauthorized disclosure and misuse of data,” police said.

He is charged with accessing a computer system for dishonest purposes.

The whistleblower broke down the numbers by vaccine batches. In batch one, for example, there were 711 people vaccinated and 152 of those, or 21 percent, died soon after.

Most of the vaccine batches were doses from Pfizer, the whistleblower said.

He also broke down the data by those administering the shots and those receiving them, and the numbers again were alarming.

One vaccinator jabbed 621 individuals. Of those, 104 died, or 17 percent, the whistleblower said.

“This should never happen,” he said, adding that the percentage who die from what would be a normal vaccination administration would be 0.75 percent.

The whistleblower said that, unless “they were going around” in cancer wards and injecting terminally ill patients they knew were going to die, “there is no other explanation” than the individuals dying from the shots.

Revolver News noted: “What’s happening now is that we’re slowly learning about the vaccine implications across all different age groups because the batches are different.

“Hopefully, we see this truth playing out in courts, and there will be ultimate accountability when all is said and done. The only true justice for many will be seeing Dr. Anthony Fauci in an orange jumpsuit behind prison bars.”

The whistleblower was arrested on Sunday after Te Whatu Ora- Health New Zealand launched an employment investigation, accusing a health sector worker of spreading misinformation using government data about Covid-19 vaccines.

Te Whatu Ora chief executive Margie Apa said “The data, as published on an overseas site, appears to have been anonymized. Analysis of the released data is ongoing, but work so far has not found any National Health Index Numbers or personally identifiable information.”

Apa said an injunction had been used to have information taken down from an overseas website and cyber security specialists are continuing to scan extensively for any other places where the information may appear.