GREATEST HITS, 13: Mueller seeks to indict president because impeachment not possible — Levin

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Robert Mueller is “undermining” the Constitution, but Democrats and the media continue to “hang their hat” on the special counsel’s investigation in the hopes President Donald Trump will be forced to resign, radio and TV host Mark Levin said.

Mark Levin: ‘What’s going on right now is anti-constitutional.’ Mueller is ‘undermining our system.’

Mueller’s “purpose is to indict the president,” Levin said because the votes for impeachment will never be there.

“Now, what’s the purpose of indicting the president, to try the president and find him guilty. What’s the purpose of the conviction? It’s to remove the president of the United States from office. That’s the bottom line.”

In a heated guest appearance on the May 10 broadcast of Fox News’s Hannity show Levin said:

“No president has ever been indicted while in office. Not one. No president has ever been forced before a federal grand jury, not one. No president has ever been removed from office by the United States Senate in a two-thirds vote of the Senate. Not one.”

Levin continued: “Mueller’s purpose, his purpose is to remove the president. That means one man, got it that means one man, one jury would usurp the power, the entire constitutional power of Congress. The power to remove a president. You can indict every other public official. A judge, for instance, while they are in office, and go through the impeachment process. You cannot do it with a president.”

It takes a two-thirds majority in the Senate to remove a president, Levin noted. “Not one prosecutor, not one jury. So my question is, from a constitutional perspective, to Attorney General Jeff Sessions it’s time to step up. To the deputy attorney general, it’s time to pay attention.”

The framers “never contemplated that one prosecutor, a civil servant, a bureaucrat appointed by somebody else, would have the power to effectively remove the president of the United States,” Levin, the host of Fox’s “Life, Liberty and Levin”, said.

“The attorney general and deputy attorney general really have to answer some fundamental questions about this investigation,” Levin said. “Mueller wants to interview the president and he wants to interview him under the most onerous circumstance.”

“The reason why the Democrats are hanging their hat on Mueller, the reason why the media are hanging their hat on Mueller, they will never get two- thirds in the Senate to remove this president. I don’t care if they impeach him. They will never get two-thirds. It’s never happened before.”

Levin continued: “So what they are hoping to do is trap him in this notion of a subpoena and questioning, indict him, try to humiliate him. Try and force him in front of a court, hope that they think they can get the Supreme Court on their side which I doubt they will but you never know with these courts and then get him to resign. That’s their game plan.”

From a constitutional perspective, Levin said, “Mueller is undermining the Constitution. He’s not upholding the rule of law. Whether he is consulting with Comey or consulting with Nostradamus, my point is this. What’s going on right now is anti-constitutional. He’s undermining our system. The framers wanted the body politic to decide on whether or not to remove one branch of government. Just as the body politic put that person there in the first place.”

“The media are too ignorant, they’re too liberal, they’re too obsessed to understand this, but I am hoping tonight with a few minutes here, the American people will,” Levin said.

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