GREATEST HITS, 10: Why does Bill Gates want to cut down and bury 70 million acres of trees?

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Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, September 5, 2023

While pushing the New World Order, Bill Gates has advocated for blocking the sun, genetically engineering mosquitoes, population control, and vaccinating pretty much everything that moves.

Now the billionaire globalist wants to cut down and bury 70 million acres of trees, allegedly in the name of fighting global warming.

“Critics point out that the trees targeted for removal won’t be available for home construction. This could make things worse for the already unstable and expensive U.S. housing market and hit the middle class especially hard,” Revolver News noted.

The scheme to cut down and bury trees aligns perfectly with Gates’s and the World Economic Forum’s vision of a future where the survivors from the downsized masses are forced to live in small pods and eat bugs while elites live in luxury, critics say.

Gates’s organization, Breakthrough Energy, has pumped $6.6 million into the tree-killing project led by Kodama Systems, Slay News reported on Aug. 31.

The trees to be sacrificed on the altar of climate change are in forests mostly in the Western United States.

After the trees have been chopped down, they will be buried.

According to the project organizers, “scientists” say “burying trees can reduce global warming.”

Kodama claims that burying the trees will prevent them from allegedly “spewing” carbon back into the air. The coordinators of the project are choosing to reap the salable carbon offsets by burying the biomass in dry & oxygen-free “earthenvaults.”

Revolver News concluded: “Given Bill Gates’s questionable association with Jeffrey Epstein, perhaps it’s time for him to take his billions, retreat to an island somewhere, and let the rest of us live in peace.”