Grand jury indicts Mark and Patricia McCloskey

by WorldTribune Staff, October 7, 2020

A grand jury on Tuesday indicted Mark and Patricia McCloskey on charges related to their June 28 use of firearms to keep rioters away from their St. Louis home.

KSDK reported that the grand jury indicted the McCloskeys on two counts each of exhibiting a weapon and tampering with evidence.

Patricia and Mark McCloskey

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson, a Republican, has said he would pardon the McCloskeys should they be convicted.

City attorneys for St. Louis refused to charge nine rioters who were ticketed for breaking through a gate and trespassing on a private sidewalk at the McCloskeys’ home on June 28.

“They broke down our gate, they trespassed on our property. Not a single one of those people are now charged with anything,” Mark McCloskey stated. “We’re charged with felonies that could cost us four years of our lives and our law license.”

McCloskey said the decision not to prosecute the rioters shows the city government has chosen to protect “criminals from honest citizens.”

“What you are witnessing here is just an opportunity for the government, the leftist, democrat government of the City of St. Louis to persecute us for doing no more than exercising our Second Amendment rights,” McCloskey said.

Following Tuesday’s hearing, the McCloskeys attorney Joel Schwartz said his clients own the sidewalk and other members of the homeowner’s association were never subpoenaed by the city. “They absolutely would have liked to press charges,” Schwartz said of his clients.

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro said the decision to indict the McCloskeys indicates how prosecutors “are pro-criminal and anti-law enforcement.”

“This is a political prosecution brought by a renegade prosecutor, funded with $200,000 from the [George] Soros PAC,” Pirro said in reference to St. Louis circuit attorney Kim Gardner.

Gardner received financial assistance during her campaign to become circuit attorney in 2016 from the Safety and Justice Committee, a PAC supported by Soros, according to the Missouri Times.

“They’re telling the country that you protesters can do whatever you want, you can burn things down, you’ll get away with it because we’re not going to prosecute you; that we are finding prosecutors who are pro-criminal and anti-law enforcement. And that is an upside down world,” Pirro said.

Pirro said the McCloskeys “had no other choice” but to reach for their weapons “and they had the right to defend themselves.” She called the decisions to proceed with a prosecution “a total shock and a violation, I think, of their Constitutional rights. It’s backwards.”

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