Golden parachute for disgraced Cuomo resource reveals Obama’s intimate ties with abortion

Special to WorldTribune, July 10, 2022

Analysis by Joe Schaeffer, 247 Real News

The Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 ruling that discovered a mythical Constitutional right to abortion, has shed needed light on the anger and radicalism that fuels the anti-life movement.

The malevolence reaches to the highest levels of American society.

News Item: Disgraced “empower women”-ist Tina Tchen gets golden parachute at Obama Foundation after helping advise New York Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo on how to deal with multiple charges of sexual harassment against him.

Tina Tchen with Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama / White House photo

There’s a rotten tree to this, and it centers on the Obama administration.

Tchen served as Executive Director of the White House Council on Women and Girls Leadership during the Obama years. America First President Donald Trump promptly pulled the plug on this partisan office when he claimed the presidency but it has been re-established as the White House Gender Policy Council under imposed Joe Biden.

Tchen’s superior at the Council was Valerie Jarrett, a powerful figure in the Obama circle whose family is reported to have deep-rooted communist ties.

Tchen’s Deputy Director at the Council was Jordan Brooks, a hardcore feminist.

The trio is reunited today in a rabidly pro-abortion organization called the United State of Women.

According to the group’s website, USOW is a direct descendant of the Obama office:

Born out of the Obama Administration’s White House Council on Women and Girls, USOW holds a unique position within the gender equity movement. We sit at the uncommon intersection of policy, community engagement, culture change, and leadership development. Since 2016, we’ve served as a go-to platform for partners, stakeholders, and our community to address issues facing women and other marginalized genders.

Obama is so tight with the organization that he linked to it in his obligatory tweet denouncing the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe in June:

To understand how closely connected Barack Obama is to the actual act of murdering unborn children, consider the aggressive role USOW plays in directly supporting abortuaries in America:

USOW is proud to be a part of the Liberate Abortion Coalition, a multitactical coalition of over 100 organizations who have come together to expand power, grow compassion, provide education, and build a groundswell of support for abortion access across the United States.

A “Support Abortion Funds” section reads:

Abortion funds help provide financial and logistical assistance to pregnant people who cannot affor[d] the cost of an abortion, like transportation costs and other support services.

While a “Support Abortion Clinics” item below that says:

Abortion clinics are community-based reproductive health clinics that provide essential, time-sensitive services to patients who need them the most. Donations to clinics cover tangible expenses like increased security costs, building repairs, PPE and hazard pay for staff, and sometimes legal fees.

Two links are included:

  • Keep Our Clinics: Support independent community providers who are responsible for the majority of abortion care in the US.
  • Adopt-a-Clinic: Support abortion providers and patients directly by ordering needed items from their wish lists!

This quasi-official Obama group is, as stated, a part of the “Liberate Abortion” coalition. That radical organization is dedicated to far more than keeping abortion legal. It seeks to elevate it to a societal role worthy of celebration:

We need more than legality. We need a world where abortion is affordable and available in all of our communities, when people need care, with the providers they choose, and in ways that people trust. We need abortion liberated, and we’re working towards that vision together.

Liberate Abortion is a call for abortion access, with complete freedom for all of us. We will achieve justice together by mobilizing and organizing abortion supporters to demand legislative policy protections and expansions. Liberate Abortion is also a call to change culture by replacing harmful, shaming abortion misinformation with an understanding of the interlocking forces at work that limit abortion freedom and justice.

The usual array of extreme pro-abortion groups are also members of the coalition, along with mainstream organizations such as UnidosUS, the influential Hispanic activist outfit formerly known as the National Council of La Raza, and the University of Miami Miller Medical School.

Disgustingly, an organization called “2+Abortions Worldwide” is also a member of the Liberate Abortion coalition.

As its name demonically implies, the group is dedicated to erasing the “stigma” that comes with having “two or more abortions.”

Here’s a sampling of what “2+” stands for. From a personal account submitted to it published on its website:

I also realized that having my 4th abortion gave my daughters a better life, knowing that I can give them all my time and energy.

I have been punishing myself for 21 years for no reason. All of my abortions were difficult choices, but all of them were worth it in the long run. I wish I could go back to my younger self and tell her that having an abortion is the perfect choice and that the road ahead will be a million times better.

A particularly vile section on its website is dedicated to telling the stories of women who have aborted twins, thus reaching the “two or more” category in one fell swoop. A personal account taken from Reddit reads:

On one hand I felt relieved because it would make my decision easier. I’m 24, a teacher, and my boyfriend and I just renewed separate leases planning to movie in together next year when this one is up.

We’re not in a place financially to have TWINS — TWO CHILDREN.

On the other hand I feel 2 times as bad for terminating two potential lives. Just needed to vent as I am emotionally a wreck….

A comment to the post stated:

Like you, I broke down sobbing. [The ultrasound tech] was amazing, just said ‘look if you weren’t ready for one you sure as hell aren’t ready for two’ and that really helped.

This is what Barack Obama is directly allied with. This is what he represents.

The United State of Women that sprung from his administration is part of a larger organization called Civic Nation. This parent group to an Abortion Liberation ally is chock-full of big-brand corporate “partners”, including:




The National Basketball Association



The Visa Foundation

Jarrett is Chair of the Board of Directors at Civic Nation and Tchen is Board Secretary. Obama administration alum and ex-George Soros employee Cecilia Munoz also is a Board member.

Ex-personal aide Joe Paulsen, who was so close to Obama during his White House years that he was labeled the president’s “body man” (how did Reggie Love feel about that?) is also a Board member.

Former Obama administration alum Sam Brown, who served as Finance Chief of Staff for Obama’s 2012 run for re-election, ex-interim White House Chief of Staff Pete Rouse, who later moved on to powerhouse Swamp law firm Perkins Coie, and Obama 2008 campaign alum Jason Waskey round out the Board.

In short, this is an Obama operation from head to toe.

Barack Obama does not merely blandly support “abortion rights” as a political football that serves the ruling political establishment well. He and his people are intimately involved in championing the very act itself. Normalizing baby murder is the explicit goal of the organization that exists as an outgrowth of his administration:

Is it any surprise that such a callous and cruel “feminist” White House initiative would have prominently featured a “women’s rights activist” who attempted to protect a prominent governor from a privileged family when he was accused of serial sexual harassment?

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