Gingrich: Deep state Republicans have been with us too long: Goodbye and good riddance

by WorldTribune Staff, July 12, 2020

Deep state Republicans, who have been around for decades, “are living proof that President Donald Trump is a genuine change agent,” former House Speaker Newt Gingrich noted.

Trump “is changing their world, and they hate him for it,” Gingrich wrote in a July 11 op-ed for Fox News.

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during his rally at the Charleston Civic Center in Charleston, West Virginia on May 5, 2016. / Mark Lyons / Getty Images

So disgruntled are the deep state Republicans that they would prefer a Joe Biden-Nancy Pelosi-Chuck Schumer machine running the United States to a Trump-Mitch McConnell-Kevin McCarthy team, Gingrich noted.

“In the near future, these deep state Republicans will drop the pretense of still belonging to the Party of Abraham Lincoln and become Democrats. These are, after all, people who have grown deeply uncomfortable not just with President Trump but also with those Republicans (the vast majority) who are comfortable with President Trump (about 88 percent of the GOP). This is why they are now running ads against pro-Trump Republican Senators as well as against President Trump himself.”

Most of these anti-Trump Republicans, Gingrich noted, “come from elite schools and built their careers around being part of the elite. They valued the professorial intellectual approach. They believed in leaders relying on staff work because they had usually been the staff. Antony Jay’s ‘Yes, Minister’ and ‘Yes, Prime Minister’ could have been written about them. In many ways, they found President Barack Obama’s professorial style comforting. They might have disagreed on policy, but they could agree on style.”

For the deep state Republicans, Gingrich continued, “Democrats were often far more acceptable and desirable than the incorrigible Republicans in the House and Senate – or the incorrigible think tanks such as Heritage and Hudson Institute. They were a government in waiting for the next Republican president.”

“Their roots sometimes went as far back as the Dewey Machine, the Dwight Eisenhower White House, and the Gerald Ford Administration. They worked for President Richard Nixon but never liked him (in his heart he was incorrigible no matter how brilliant his foreign policy was from their perspective). They loved the Ford Administration and deeply disliked then-Gov. Ronald Reagan almost beating him in the 1976 primaries. They were deeply at home in the Bush Administrations (Yale, Skull and Bones – how could it get more establishment?)”

In 2016, the deep state Republicans were chomping at the bit for a Jeb Bush presidency “even though he was University of Texas and not Yale,” Gingrich noted. “Still, Jeb had been a remarkably innovative governor of Florida and had a warm, positive style. He felt right to the deep state Republicans whose advice he would rely on and whose appointments to major policy posts in a third Bush Administration were virtually a foregone conclusion.”

Then came Donald J Trump.

“It is hard for many Americans to understand what an enormous shock the Trump candidacy was to the deep state Republicans,” Gingrich wrote.

Trump’s policies “were clearly disruptive. The deep state Republicans had fashioned the then-15-year failed policy in the Middle East. They had worked long and hard for NAFTA and close ties to China (which had enriched many billionaires who were also funding their think tanks). From the time he announced, candidate Trump was targeting their policies and promising to change them. Their life’s work was being destroyed,” Gingrich wrote.

“Deep State Republicans knew you had to pretend to serve the people – but Trump actually liked the people. It was an unforgivable violation of class solidarity among the elites.”

So, Gingrich asked, what do we do about these deep state Republicans?

“We call them Democrats and relax.”

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