Georgia video shows how Dominion system allowed for changing, adding votes

by WorldTribune Staff, December 11, 2020

Dominion Voting Systems software allows votes to be changed through an “adjudication process” in which the operator can add vote marks to a scanned ballot and invalidate vote marks already on the ballot, according to an election supervisor in Coffee County, Georgia.

The supervisor, Misty Martin, demonstrated in recent videos posted online how easily the changes can be made.

In the videos, Martin showed how the Dominion system can be set up to allow adjudication of all scanned ballots, even blank ones, and for the operator to vote those ballots.

“The Coffee County videos suggest the adjudication process can be accessed by any operator of the Dominion software regardless of whether any observers are present. The system appears to lack both transparency and auditability, based on Martin’s account,” Petr Svab wrote for The Epoch Times on Dec. 10.

The videos were posted by local news site Douglas Now, whose publisher, Robert Preston, told The Epoch Times they were filmed this week in the local election office.

“According to our election folks, this Dominion system is flawed, not secure, and open to manipulation if someone were so inclined,” Preston said in a Facebook message.

The Dominion software can be set to trigger adjudication for “ambiguous” ballots and overvoted ballots, but also to adjudicate all scanned ballots, Martin said. The operator would then be able to change the votes with no trace of who did it or which ballots were changed. The system would only mark that at least one ballot in the batch was adjudicated, but “it can’t be tracked to exactly what ballot it was,” she said.

Coffee County refused to certify its election results, citing issues with the Dominion software.

In Fulton County, which includes Atlanta, over 106,000 ballots were adjudicated by Nov. 4, said Richard Barron, the county’s director of elections, during a Nov. 4 press conference. In total, more than half a million ballots were cast in the county. Democrat Joe Biden leads Fulton with 381,144 votes compared to President Donald Trump’s 137,240.

Links to the videos: Video 1 and Video 2

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