George Floyd’s girlfriend appeals for calm; Candace Owens slams Left, media

by WorldTribune Staff, May 29, 2020

As the girlfriend of George Floyd called for calm in Minneapolis after a third night of protests saw businesses torched and looted, conservative commentator Candace Owens blasted the leftist media for attempting to incite “a race war.”

‘Waking up this morning to see Minneapolis on fire would be something that would devastate (George) Floyd,’ Floyd’s girlfriend said. / YouTube

Floyd would be “devastated” if he saw what was occurring in the city he loved, Courteney Ross, who was with Floyd for the last three years, told the StarTribune.

“I am heartbroken. Waking up this morning to see Minneapolis on fire would be something that would devastate Floyd.”

“He loved the city. He came here [from Houston] and stayed here for the people and the opportunities… Floyd was a gentle giant. He was about love and about peace,” she added.

Ross said she “understood the frustration” but that she wants people “to protest in a peaceful way.”

The Minnesota riots are being fueled by the media and “out of town people who are likely on the payroll of leftist anarchist groups,” Owens said. “I believe leftist anarchy groups are using the death of #GeorgeFloyd to blame MN riots on angry black people.”

“Forget Hydroxychloroquine or Bill Gates’ vaccines! Turns out the REAL cure to coronavirus is a media-manufactured race war!” Owens tweeted, adding, “The only cure to media-induced panic is more media-induced panic! WE ARE SAVED!”

Owens noted in another tweet: “So glad the #Coronavirus scamdemic was cancelled to accommodate the Left’s nationwide anarchist riots. People taking their kids to parks and/or going to work to support their families? GRANDMA KILLERS! Rioters looting across the nation? People that need to be heard.”

The city’s national guard was called in on Thursday as protests turned increasingly violent, reports said. Thousands of people took to the streets, while several shops, including a Target and CVS, were looted.

On Monday, video footage of a white police officer kneeling on Floyd’s neck for around eight minutes while Floyd pleaded, “I can’t breathe. Don’t kill me,” circulated rapidly on social media. Floyd was confirmed dead shortly afterward and the four officers involved in the incident were fired.

Americans across the country are demanding accountability for the officers.

Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey said in a press conference early on Friday: “There is a lot of pain and anger right now in our city. What we have seen over the past several few hours and the past couple of nights in terms of looting is unacceptable. Our communities cannot and will not tolerate it. These are community institutions that we need.”

“We are doing everything we can to keep the peace,” he added.

“The death of George Floyd should be a catalyst for Americans to unite and recommit ourselves to our founding principles which protect the liberty of all Americans,” The Hayride’s Matt Howerton wrote on May 27.

As Thomas Jefferson said: “When the government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

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