‘Geographic prejudice’: McConnell hits ‘coastal cities’ plot to remake U.S. ‘in their image’

by WorldTribune Staff, April 17, 2019

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is calling on Middle America to fight back against liberal “coastal cities” which seek to “redesign the whole country in their image.”

Without mentioning House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, he accused liberals from New York and California of having a “geographic prejudice” against Middle America.

The 2016 president election vote by county where red indicates Trump and blue, Clinton. / Wikimedia Commons

“Progressives are openly acknowledging they’ll never get their agenda through the constitutional machinery as it’s operated for centuries, so they’ve concluded it’s the constitutional machinery that has to go. Change the rules if you can’t win otherwise,” the Kentucky Republican said in a speech at Hillsdale College late on April 15.

“It is,” McConnell said, “an effort to change the rules of American politics itself. Our whole nation is founded as a delicate compromise between different states, different regions, competing interests. This seeks to blow all of that up. Blow it all up.”

McConnell said the liberal coasts desperately want to be in charge.

“Policies that would let coastal cities like New York and San Francisco redesign the whole country in their image, paired with political changes so that simply running up the score in those same few places would give you all the levers of power. I see this [as] a total rejection of the federalism and respect for regional diversity that gave us the Senate itself, the Electoral College, the whole founding compromise of our Constitution.”

McConnell told the crowd at the Michigan college that “We all need to fight back against this toxic, counter-constitutional, anti-speech trend in our nation’s institutions and in each of our personal lives. Every American should discipline ourselves to remember the difference between simple disagreement and permanent outrage, and avoid being part of the problem. Avoid being part of that problem.”

The senator accused liberals from New York and California of having a “geographic prejudice” against Middle America.

“Well, now this geographic prejudice has been weaponized into actual proposals that dilute the voices of Americans who aren’t enlightened enough to elect Democrats … And you’d better believe that my Republican colleagues and I are not about to let the fundamental traditions of our constitutional order crumble – crumble – because Brooklyn and the Bay Area are tired of playing by the rules,” he said.

McConnell continued: “The Senate was designed to require genuine consensus before making policy – genuine consensus. Both sides should respect that design and continue to let the Senate legislate like the Senate. And if the voters, the Supreme Court, the Senate, and the Constitution are all stumbling blocks for Democrats’ plan to rule over Middle America like we’re colonies of the coastal cities, then something needs to change all right. Maybe they ought to consider changing their ideas. How about that?”

McConnell also promised to defend the First Amendment against “angry mobs” that are trying to shut down conservative speech.

“I see political speech as the mother of all of our freedoms. The liberty to exchange ideas is how self-government can play out and other important questions can actually be litigated,” said McConnell, who was given an honorary doctorate of public service by the college.

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