Gen. Spalding: ‘Hong Kongers understand freedom’s worth; Do we?’

by WorldTribune Staff, May 25, 2020

As Hong Kong pro-democracy demonstrators flood the streets to protest communist China’s new security law for the city, the usual chants of “Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Times,” could be heard. But, a new chant also emerged: “Heaven Eradicate the Chinese Communist Party.”

Pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong on May 24. / Twitter

Amid the coronavirus crisis, pro-democracy demonstrators are flooding the streets in Hong Kong to fight for their freedom. Meanwhile, politicians in the United States are seen as fighting to take freedom away from Americans.

Retired Air Force Brig. Gen. Robert Spalding, author of “Stealth War: How China Took Over While America’s Elite Slept”, tweeted:

“HKers understand freedom’s worth. Do we?”

Brian C.H. Fong wrote for The Diplomat on May 25:

The move by China delivers a death blow to its century-long status as a separate legal jurisdiction, which is the very foundation of its economic success, freedom, and human rights. It sends a chill to Hong Kong’s democracy camp, as they will come under the heel of greater authoritarian suppression. It’s also bad news for the establishment, as China’s decision to bypass the Hong Kong legislative process is a vote of no-confidence in the previous model of indirect rule. In the future, the local elites, including the chief executive, will find themselves increasingly sidelined under a new direct-rule approach from the center.

For the West, this step rings the death knell for their presence in Hong Kong. Western companies are going to lose the only Western-oriented business center within Chinese territories and their business interests will no longer be well protected by the British-style common law jurisdiction. U.S. business interests in Hong Kong – which include 1,300 companies and $82.5 billion in direct investment — have now been put at risk by China’s long arm. Apart from the economic presence, the extensive presence of the West in Hong Kong in terms of international nongovernment organizations (INGOs), media branches, and intelligence operations are also at risk of being uprooted by China’s heavy hand. The West, particularly the United States, may forever lose its foothold in the door of China.

In an interview with The Diplomat, Gen. Spalding noted the three main themes of his book:

“First, awareness: The book attempts to shine a light on the CCP’s [Chinese Communist Party’s] efforts to undermine democratic principles and preserve its own legitimacy, everywhere.

“Second, a call to arms: The book seeks to motivate scholars and citizens to bring to light more information about the CCP, so democracies can design protections and fight back.

“Third, inspiration: The book seeks to inspire confidence in liberal democracy and encourage reinvestment in democratic societies.”

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