Frequent fliers want to know: How much are Delta and American being paid to transport illegals?

by WorldTribune Staff, December 21, 2023

The American skies are very friendly these days … for illegal aliens.

After being processed and with no room at holding facilities at Joe Biden’s open border, illegals are gifted priority boarding passes and are rushed through security with very little vetting, according to reporters who saw first-hand Team Biden’s free flight service for illegals at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Ashley St. Clair, contributor for the Babylon Bee, said she noticed her Delta Airlines flight from Phoenix to New York was filled with illegals.

“This is what the U.S. taxpayers are paying for right here. Premium seats on Delta that they have people coming here. We’re paying for this, shipping them out to New York City, because guess what? Everywhere else is at capacity. So, they have these sanctuary cities, like New York, that they’re now shipping these migrants to, that we’re all paying for,” St. Clair noted.

Following the flight, St. Clair wrote: “I have flown 200,000 miles with Delta this year. I have all Delta cards. I’ve had countless people become Delta cardholders. You can consider me no longer a customer of Delta until they disclose how much $$$ from taxpayers they are willingly accepting to transport illegal migrants to cities that are overwhelmed.”

Tayler Hansen of Tenet Media noted that American and Delta airlines were flying the illegals.

In a video posted to X, Hansen noted that illegals from Guatemala, who claimed to have arrived at the border by bus, detailed how after allegedly meeting with a judge and the Border Patrol, “They took us to an NGO and bought our flights.”

Ari Hoffman, West Coast editor for The Post Millennial and host on Talk Radio 570 KVI, said he noticed when his flight landed in Phoenix that illegals were sleeping on the floor of the airport.

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