Four lines of evidence: Why Lindell’s ‘Absolute Interference’ cannot be dismissed

Special to WorldTribune, April 28, 2021

Analysis by R. Clinton Ohlers;

Mike Lindell’s latest documentary, “Absolute Interference,” brings together remarkable lines of evidence of nationwide election fraud, which a number of experts assert flipped both the Electoral College and the popular vote from Trump to Biden in the 2020 presidential election.

The film consists of four basic lines of evidence:

Election Vulnerability Was Known Well in Advance

The first forty minutes of the film focuses on leading experts in voting machine and cyber security from the Obama administration, the highest levels of academia, and even Democratic politicians such as Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, all who voiced forceful warnings about demonstrated technological vulnerabilities in America’s election machines and did so well in advance of November 2020.

With all the claims about election security, viewers will likely be surprised to learn that mainstream documentaries already demonstrated significant vulnerabilities in U.S. elections.

The 2020 HBO documentary “Kill Chain” shows CNN reporting on thirty machines made available to conventioneers in 2017.  “Several were compromised in the first hour and a half,” CNN reported. “By the end of the weekend all of the available machines had been hacked successfully.”

In fact, since August of 2017, the Def Con hacking convention has made breaking into voting machines a regular attraction at the annual event.

On stage, Dr. J. Alex Halderman of the University of Michigan, “one of the world’s leading specialists in voting systems,” stated:  “In every single case when a machine has been analyzed by competent security researchers, they’ve found vulnerabilities that would let someone inject malicious software and change election data. Every single case.”

Halderman was concerned that the 2020 election would be at risk from “countries that have sophisticated cyber security offensive capabilities,” such as Russia, Iran, China, and North Korea.

Jake Stauffer is Director of Operations at Coherent Cyber, a cyber security company. He is also a former cyber analyst for the U.S. Air Force.

“What we found, it’s staggering,” Stauffer said after he tested ES&S and Dominion voting machines for the State of California. “There were multiple vulnerabilities that could allow an attacker to get the highest level of privilege of the highest level of rights and then gain remote access into the system and do what you want to do, whether it’s change an election or shut the system down.”

Looking ahead, Halderman said,  “Without question. The 2020 election will be hacked no matter what we do, even if we are more successful than I think we could be.”

Discovery of the Master Algorithm

Profound evidence of actual fraud in 2020 comes from the work of physicist Dr. Douglas G. Frank. He presents evidence that Biden stole not only the electoral college but also the popular vote, and he estimates that Biden actually lost by over 12 million votes. Frank’s work is also the subject of an extended interview with Lindell, entitled “Scientific Proof.”

Mike Lindell interviews Dr. Douglas G. Frank, right.

Frank, who holds a PhD in the data-heavy field of surface electronic chemistry, uncovered a highly sophisticated and uniform computer attack on voting machines in every state he has investigated so far. The attack used a template created from the 2010 Census data that guided an algorithm in creating votes for Biden where none had been cast. It also flipped numerous down-ballot congressional and judicial elections in red and blue states alike, putting Democrats into seats they had not won.

Frank was hired by a candidate in Pennsylvania who lost her race for the House of Representatives, and then canvassed her county, precinct by precinct, for answers.

“I immediately saw some problems,” Frank said. “So, I began investigating those problems in her data, sort of like a physicist studying a phenomenon. After a while, I uncovered the algorithm being used to control how many registrations there are in a county and how many ballots there are in a county.”

“There are stages to it,” he said, explaining the fraud. “You have to prepare ahead of time, you have to have access during, and you have to have access afterward. In Pennsylvania, we prove each of those. We knocked on 1600 doors to see if the people actually existed, and they don’t.”

It is an election-theft strategy much more sophisticated than those of days gone by, such as the tried and true method of old fashioned ballot-box stuffing.

“The first thing you need to understand is every county in the U.S. has a registration database. It has the names, when they were registered, when they were born, and it has also got their entire voter history,” Frank explains. “It’s like a credit line. You need to fill up the registration so that you have more registrations than you need. Then, you fill in the ballots to get the outcome that you want.”

Frank found that virtually everybody in Hamilton County, Pennsylvania, for example, is registered to vote. That’s an extraordinary anomaly.

When “I showed this to several political analysts and experts,” Frank said,  “they were like ‘wait a minute, that can’t be.’ Most of the time it’s 70 to 80%. Yet, in county after county I’ve seen this.”

The algorithm used in the attack also employed different numbers as percentages for voter turnout in each age, to match historic patterns. Sixty-year-olds “turned out” in at a much higher percent than millennials.

Not only that, they did so in the exact same percentages in every single county in every state that Frank examined. So, if for example, 86% of sixty-year-old turned out to vote in Hamilton County, to Frank’s amazement, they also did so in “all 88 counties in Ohio.” They also did so in exactly the same proportion in every county in Pennsylvania.

Not only is such a pattern naturally impossible, Frank’s investigation rendered one of the most important hallmarks of a genuine scientific confirmation: the ability to predict.

“One set of numbers works in every single county,” Frank observed. “So far I’ve done this in Florida, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Ohio, and they are all identical. Every state is using the same algorithms.”

Frank describes the strategy as a topping-off method in which the algorithm monitored incoming votes for Trump in real time and then drew on the “available credit” of phantom voters in the inflated registries to produce more votes for Biden.

It occurred not only in states that Trump won and that supposedly lost, but also in states Trump won, thereby producing the appearance of a popular victory for Biden by millions of votes.

The reason Biden lost a state like Ohio was because Trump voters turned out in such numbers that there simply wasn’t enough credit left to draw on.

Another scientific strength of Frank’s work is the number of peculiar, otherwise inexplicable anomalies of the 2020 election that his discovery explains.

“How can you have a situation for example in Ohio, where Trump is winning by this massive [amount], yet you lose conservative judges?” he asks. “How? Those are usually smaller races. You only need a few extra hundred ballots.”

Part of the sophistication this high tech method of election fraud is that it flips old-fashioned methods on their head. In this scenario, ballot box stuffing is not the means of stealing an election, but rather the means of covering up a steal that already happened electronically.

“After the election, what if the election is challenged?” Frank added. “Someone is going to count ballots. You better have registrations and you better have ballots. You have to control it.”

There is, however, a hitch, a fly in the ointment of the perfect Steal. It requires a disciplined political machine working overtime under cover of darkness to fully pull it off. That machine, however, isn’t everywhere, and isn’t perfect. Antrim County, Michigan and Ware County, Georgia, discussed in Absolute Proof, may be early examples of the incomplete nature of the cover up.

China-Owned Flip Phone Hot Spots

Testimony from two independent informants who claim to have direct evidence of a cyber attack from China figure prominently in Absolute Interference. Both also appear with their identities blurred.

AT&T 40440 flip phone.

An individual identified as Informant #3 reports becoming involved after a poll manager contacted him on Jan. 3. The manager shared concerns about a type of phone used by poll workers during the election, the AT&T 40440 flip phone, which also functions as a 4G hotspot.

According to the informant, the phones also contain a feature that records all wifi activity in the phones vicinity. It turns out that the Chinese state-owned company TLC is “the true manufacturer,” not AT&T, through the European company Alcatel, and also is the largest shareholder in the phone’s operating system, KaiOS, made in Hong Kong, is TLC. Google also invested $22 million in the operating system, he reports.

“We found that at the precinct levels they were connected to the internet and TCL was one of the IP addresses we traced back to China during the Steal,” Informant #3 said. “We have verifying connection to the polling pads with China by this TCL flip phone. We also have the absolute proof of interference by the fact that we have transmissions that go back to this China state-owned company, TCL.”

What’s more, he added, “We have the absolute proof of their illegal incursion into 150 election servers in fourteen different states, including multiple Secretary of State offices. China chose Biden, not the American people.”

This occurred not only during the presidential election, he said, but “We found in 6 different precincts in 3 different counties in Georgia, Cobb, Gwinnett, and Fulton on the Jan. 5th runoff, the phones were connected to the internet through the TCL flip phones.“

If Informant #3 is correct, China’s ownership of TCL bears an uncanny resemblance to its ownership interest in Dominion Voting Systems itself, as reported by former information warfare officer, Col. Phil Waldron.

In Absolute Proof, Waldron reported findings that the Chinese Communist Party holds controlling interests in the firm that owns Dominion. The CCP also owns the only testing company with access to Dominion’s code, which is located in Shenzhen. U.S. government officials, on the other hand, have no access to Dominion’s code.

Linking that access to the night of Nov. 3, 2020 Waldron said:

It is kind of unique that a Chinese company that’s run by the CCP does have access to the code. And that’s why we started seeing at that strategic level, or that third tier of election manipulation, a lot of movements in votes, direct access to Pennsylvania voting precincts, county tabulation centers in Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, all of that coming in directly from foreign countries, China being the predominant one through Pakistani ISI proxies.

A Real-Time Data Record of the Attack

The final witness is a “cyber security and digital forensic expert” possessing several GIAC certifications that represent “the highest standard in cyber security certifications:” cyber defense, offensive operations, digital forensics and incident response, and cloud security.

Sun Tzu’s The Art of War: ‘The pinnacle of war is to win without fighting. And they’ve done that.’

Lindell retained him to validate the digital evidence of a cyber attack introduced in Absolute Proof, alleged to have recorded in real time penetration and manipulation of election data in the U.S. on Nov. 3, 2020, originating primarily from China.

He asserted that the data had not been manipulated or changed. He believes it demonstrates China determined the U.S. election, and did so by flipping votes from Trump to Biden.

He describes, “two types of intrusions, cyber vote flipping from Trump to Biden and cyber-attacks that were either unsuccessful in flipping votes or were for other purposes, such as reconnaissance.”

“It’s pretty impressive. It’s wild. I’ve been doing this a long time and I’ve never quite encountered something of this magnitude — not just as it relates to everybody, but just the amount of data you need to unencrypt to process.”

An exchange between Lindell and Col. Waldron appears to help validate the investigator’s claims. “Our team started doing an independent verification of the IP addresses, focusing on the battleground states and those areas that seemed to have the biggest impact, that the piece that our white hat hackers have started working on to confirm the IP addresses, both the U.S. and foreign IP addresses,” Waldron said, speaking of ongoing work.

“For the most part, in areas where the attacks, the interventions, were successful, those have been verified,” he said.

All agreed on the threat to our voting systems posed by China.  In 2020, Kill Chain included the provocative statement: “We may be buying the best 21st century military, when the battlefront is election security.”

Gen. Michael Flynn noted how foreign interference in our elections has shifted to the new major powers, predominantly China, and called the battle to uncover the truth about the election as the most important fight of his career.

Col. Phil Waldron, looked to the long history of Chinese strategy found in the writings of Sun Tzu in the 5th Century B.C. and Mao Zedong in the twentieth. “This is cyber warfare,” Waldron said. “This is the Chinese doctrine of unrestricted warfare. It goes all the way back to the writings of Sun Tzu. The acme or pinnacle of war is to win without fighting. And they’ve done that. ”

Gen. Thomas McInerny commented “This nation has never been here before. Every American, this is their Normandy battlefield, this is their Iwo Jima, their Mount Suribachi. We’ve never been here before, but we are presenting the evidence to show that this election was stolen with the aid of a foreign power that is bent on global domination.”

R. Clinton Ohlers, PhD is a historian of science and religion and a contributing editor for the FreePressMediaGroup. Previously, he held the position of Research Assistant Professor in the Humanities at the University of Hong Kong. His book, The Birth of the Conflict Between Science and Religion, is scheduled to appear in 2021. His PhD in history is from the University of Pennsylvania.

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