Former President Trump delivers Covid message to ‘Communist Democrats’: ‘We won’t go back’

by WorldTribune Staff, July 28, 2021

As the CDC and Dr. Anthony Fauci trot out new Covid rules, former President Donald Trump is calling on Americans not to surrender to the pandemic forever crowd.

“We won’t go back. We won’t mask our children. Joe Biden and his Administration learned nothing from the last year,” Trump said in a statement issued on Tuesday.

“Brave Americans learned how to safely and responsibly live and fight back,” Trump added. “Don’t surrender to COVID. Don’t go back! Why do Democrats distrust the science? Don’t let this happen to our children or our Country.”

Trump, who recent polls show has a higher favorability rating than Joe Biden, also slammed the Left for its continuing pursuit of defunding police amid soaring crime rates in America’s inner cities.

Trump cited the case of former California Sen. Barbara Boxer, who “was savagely assaulted and robbed yesterday in Oakland, where they defunded the police.”

Boxer, 80, had her mobile phone stolen but was not seriously injured in the assault. “She was luckier than many of the other elderly Bay Area denizens who have been beaten, pushed, stabbed and killed in recent months as part of a rise in violent crime that is taking place in cities across the nation,” the New York Post’s Seth Barron noted.

Trump noted: “Our once great cities, like New York, Detroit, San Francisco, and so many others, have become a paradise for criminals because of Democrats. We must give power back to police or America will never be safe. We cannot let Communist Democrats destroy our great cities. If we don’t stop them, our communities and our Country will be lost forever.

“The fraudulent nightly network newscasts have devoted ZERO minutes to crime recently, even though crime is eating away at our cities and our Country. They don’t want to talk about it because it will hurt the political narrative of the Communist Democrats. Just think, six months ago we had the most secure Border in our history. Today, it is the least secure in our history with criminals illegally flooding into our Country — many spreading COVID into our communities — and other Countries’ prisons being emptied into our neighborhoods. America needs law and order, not defunding the police. We need our police back. America should and can be safe!”

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