Five stories even student journalists could not screw up

Special to WorldTribune, June 2, 2020

Commentary by Charles Togias

I am going to list 5 horrific examples that a school paper and its staff would report accurately if they had even an ounce of character and credibility. These 5 topics have all been exposed to all Americans and are very concerning to anyone with principles and integrity. I am also going to compare how the self-serving and devious mainstream media have reacted to these events.

1. Biden’s son getting millions of dollars as a consultant for a business he had no knowledge of and could not speak the language while Biden was Vice President. To make matters much worse Joe Biden pressured the Ukrainian government to fire their investigator who was assigned to look into this travesty. The media will tell you they covered the story. They did not see a big problem and eventually dropped it. Here is my very simple question: What would have been the mainstream media’s reaction if Trump’s son was involved in the exact same situation while Trump was in the White House? Do you think they would have ever dropped the story? It would be their major headline to this day and beyond!

The Obama’s property on Martha’s Vineyard. / Town and Country / Landvest

2. Hillary was never charged for Russian collusion even though her foundation was giving over 100 million dollars by the Russians after they received 20% of our uranium. Remember by her own admission, on video, she proclaimed, prior to this event, that she was dead broke. Please look up the video! The mainstream media never proclaimed or supported claims that she was in Russia’s pocket. They were too busy trying to frame Trump with these ridiculous accusations! Hillary got millions by the Russians and that’s not collusion and Trump never received one penny from Russia and not one vote was ever changed during the 2016 election but that is collusion. The media and their allies want Trump out and will do or say anything to achieve their goal.

3. Judge Kavanagh was accused of rape, which has never been proven when he was in High School and the mainstream went wild with glee. His accuser had no memory of any actual details just that in high he raped her. The democrats and their allies in the media were in a complete frenzy because they are convinced that the judge, if nominated to the Supreme Court, would overturn Roe vs. Wade banding abortion rights and they and their supporters are 100% against that. Yet they say little to nothing regarding Biden’s rape charges by a woman who can give specific details supporting her allegations and this was a few years ago. That is what I call selective outrage or the big media con!

4. President Obama was of modest means when he entered the White House as President and now his worth is estimated to be somewhere between 50-100 million and the media has never investigated or mentioned it. Trump does not take a salary and the mainstream media also never mentions it. Remember former President Harry Truman, a democrat, famous quote: “You can’t get rich in Washington unless you’re a crook.” I am not accusing Obama of being a crook but I do know one thing. What if President Trump entered the White House with the exact same scenario as Obama did and Trump became a multi-millionaire he would be in jail. It would not matter if it was a crime or not to our fair-minded media! They hate him and would make it look like a crime. They do not deliver the news they will distort the news if Trump is involved!

5. A hundred and fifty billion was given to Iran, the world’s foremost sponsor of terrorism, by the Obama administration, at night and in cash as well as giving them the right to develop nuclear weapons and the mainstream media was not outraged. This is a complete disregard for humanity giving these Iranian savages, who are dedicated to destroying Israel and all those they are in conflict with and the media said little to nothing. The media did not consider Obama and his administration to be anti-sematic. They were too busy calling Trump antisemitic even thought his daughter married a Jew, converted to Judaism, and is raising their daughter in the Jewish faith. The mainstream media should hang its head in shame and anyone currently in the media, with an ounce of integrity, should leave ASAP!

Our country with its Constitution and Judeo-Christian principles and values has been the beacon of the world. We are not perfect because humanity is not perfect, we are just better than any other country because we value all people regardless of color or religion. People from all over the world come to America and we should always be proud of our country.

We should always question those, especially in our media that are now dedicated to lie and misrepresent themselves to achieve their misguided hateful agenda to destroy a president duly-elected by their fellow citizens. The mainstream media has now become America’s worst enemy because we have always relied on them for truth! As I have said previously the mainstream media has gotten to where they now make the mafia look legitimate. The media is dedicated to deception involving those in conflict with their agenda and no one conflicts more with their agenda than President Trump! This hatred has made them compromise their principles and values!

I am ending with my personal quote:

“When the mainstream media of any nation compromises truth to achieve their political, biased agenda by distorting the truth the nation is doomed for destruction”

Charles S. Togias is author of Political Correctness Is Total BS