Film review: ‘Biden lost’; State attorneys general can now act if DOJ won’t

by WorldTribune Staff, May 2, 2022

“[W]ithout reservation and with absolute science and evidence supporting it — using the evidence in the film from only a handful of regional locations from only some of the states in question — Biden clearly lost.” columnist Kevin McCullough said he reached that conclusion after a screening of Dinesh D’Souza’s new documentary “2000 Mules”, which debuts this week.

The documentary alleges that the 2020 presidential election was stolen, and 2,000 felonies documented in the film “prove it,” McCullough noted in a May 1 op-ed.

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D’Souza’s film provides the basis not only for validation of those questioning the results, but “for law enforcement to begin arresting people.”

What basis is that?

“Geo-Tracking and 4.3 million minutes from state-owned surveillance footage,” McCullough wrote. “So for the skeptics, think about this level of proof, the property of the state the crimes took place in demonstrating hundreds of thousands of felonies. No explanation is needed; the evidence exists and literally speaks for itself.”

And “2000 Mules” goes even deeper, using Geo-Tracking information from True the Vote, the same which is used by law enforcement to solve cold cases. “But instead of murderers, True The Vote has utilized the same technology by one of the leading investigators on the planet to prove—not a theory — but the facts of who did it but also how it was done,” McCullough notes.

“And just to make sure that the possibility for false positives didn’t ping as evidence, True The Vote raised the standard of proof — ten times — beyond what they would be required to prove in a court of law,” McCullough continued. “In other words, they voluntarily made proving the guilt ten times as hard as is necessary to prove the criminality. Ten times the standard, ten times harder to prove, ten times less likely to find that proof. Yet, they found enough to prove Biden’s loss. (By the way, when you lower the bar from ten times the legal standard to merely five times the standard and again only in the five regions and not the entire states — Biden loses the popular vote and every swing state in question.”

Geo-Tracking “is as reliable as fingerprints or DNA,” McCullough continued. “The millions of minutes of footage come from the state’s own cameras. The bar to prove was set impossibly high. And even still, the evidence has been found and is able to be proven.”

Since it is obvious the partisan Biden Department of Justice will not get involved, that leaves it to the attorney generals of the key swing states.

Following release of “2000 Mules”, McCullough asked: “How many states’ boards of elections will receive calls from citizens demanding answers? How many states’ attorneys general will be opening investigations to bring the 2000 individual mules to justice? And the non-profits who supplied them with what they needed? Will charges be brought against Zuckerberg for dreaming up this outlandishly illegal scheme to put dropboxes in heavily theft-friendly districts, to begin with?”

McCullough also pointed out that other charges from the 2020 election, “from Chinese hacking to episodic fraud, to anomalies like Trump losing his race up ballot while his coattails swept record numbers into lower offices — none of these are invalidated by this film. They may or may not find their day in the sun.”

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