Feds explain why they no longer wear IDs in Portland

by WorldTribune Staff, July 24, 2020

Federal law enforcement agents deployed in Portland no longer wear badges bearing their names because the anarchists given free rein to riot by local leaders were taking down the agents’ names, looking up their personal information, and then encouraging rioters to go to their homes, federal officials say.

Local leaders have allowed anarchists to riot in Portland for more than 50 consecutive days.

Federal Protective Service Deputy Director of Operations Richard Cline revealed the doxing in a press conference on Tuesday, saying it is why Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) who are in Portland to defend the city’s federal courthouse were not wearing badges that featured only the CBP insignia, Fox News reported.

“We are going to convert their name [tags] to their badge number as about 38 of our officers that are out there have been doxed and their personal information has been put online,” Cline said.

Rioters and their political and media supporters have complained that federal officers in Portland are keeping their identities “secret,” and operating as a “secret” police force.

Cline said that officers are not wearing badges bearing their names out of concern for their families, a sentiment Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan echoed in a wide-ranging interview with Fox News on Wednesday.

“That’s another thing that’s absolutely disgusting,” Morgan said, referring to protesters’ efforts to spread personal information about federal officers assigned to Portland. “So they’re not only jeopardizing the lives of the agents, they’re also jeopardizing the lives of their families as they’re putting out their home information and they’re suggesting that individuals go to their homes.”

“So yes, as acting commissioner, I have authorized and supported removing their names from their uniforms,” Morgan admitted.

Despite complaints from leftist politicians and their media allies about “secret police” in “unmarked” cars allegedly abducting people off the street, CBP and Department of Homeland Security officials have been open about their operations in the city and willing to answer questions.

DHS spokespeople acknowledged that an “elite” unit of CBP agents were deployed to Portland, where violent rioting has gone on for more than 50 days. The operation was ordered after Portland city officials reportedly refused to commit to protecting federal property in the city’s downtown area, including a federal courthouse, which has been under siege for more than a month.

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