FBI seizes phone of election integrity advocate Douglas Frank

by WorldTribune Staff, September 28, 2022

The FBI seized the phone of an Ohio election integrity advocate who had toured the country to deliver testimony on 2020 election irregularities and fraud.

Douglas Frank, widely known as “Dr. Frank,” said in a social media post that his phone was seized by the FBI on Sept. 14.

Frank was often seen alongside MyPillow founder Mike Lindell at election integrity events and at least one Save America rally in Ohio earlier this year.

“Two FBI agents met me as I got off the plane today. They were polite and professional, and we smiled at each other knowingly as they approached me,” Frank posted to Facebook.

“They had a warrant to confiscate my phone. Nice guys, just doing their job. I told them that we were on the same side, fighting for our country. I was even wearing my bold American flag shirt,” Frank wrote. “They appreciated my cooperation, and promised to return my phone to me quickly in person after taking a forensic image of it. Ironic, isn’t it… them taking a **forensic image** of my electronic device.”

Frank has said that he found irregularities in election data that prove the 2020 election was fraught with errors.

In a later Facebook update, Frank seemed to hint that media outlets were tipped off and aware that the FBI would be seizing his property:

“Irony,” the post was titled. It continues: “CNN, Washington Post, and the New York Times are all trying to get in contact with me today. They obviously knew what was going down. Ironic… they’ve been leaving messages on my wife’s and son’s phones because they can’t reach mine!”

Lindell had reported on Sept. 13 that FBI agents surrounded his car at a Hardee’s drive-thru in Minnesota and seized his phone.

An FBI agent approached Lindell and said he had a warrant for the phone and wanted it. Lindell, a major Trump supporter, said he had just returned from a hunting trip.

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