Familiar? Virginians told election won’t be decided on election day

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, November 2, 2021

Look no further than the gubernatorial contest in Virginia for another big reason Democrats want a never-ending pandemic.

Virginia gubernatorial candidates Terry McAuliffe, left, and Glenn Youngkin

Prior to the pandemic and before the 2020 presidential election, most Virginia Election Day ballots and early votes were counted on the day of the election itself. Further, a new state law requires election officials to begin counting mail-in votes at least one week prior to Election Day.

However, Virginia allows for mail-in ballots to be counted so long as they are postmarked by the end of Election Day and are received by noon on Nov. 5.

Democrat election officials in Virginia’s most populous county, Fairfax, have told their allies in Big Media that the state’s voters should brace for “a post-Election Day debacle in which the winner of the race may be unknowable until the following Friday,” National File reported.

Fairfax County is also once again utilizing the notorious “drop box” method for mail-in voting.

National File reported in May that “over 300,000 votes for Joe Biden were counted in a series of five suspicious ballot drops in the dead of night after Election Day in Virginia, with one of those dumps accounting for a staggering 73 percent of all Biden votes in Fairfax County.”

National File added: “As a result of the 308,000-vote ballot dump, Biden appeared to have defeated President Donald Trump by a margin of 80 percent in Fairfax County, vastly and suspiciously outperforming failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.”

Fox News reported that Scott O. Konopasek, Fairax County’s director of elections, said “it’s a possibility that we will we have to wait until Friday” to know the winner of the gubernatorial election, as Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin continued to surge in the days ahead of the election amid a series of blunders by Democrat Terry McAuliffe and his campaign.

Last year, Konopasek retweeted a post that accused President Donald Trump of committing treason over the widely debunked Russian bounty hoax.

McAuliffe, who said he had “no regrets” with the campaign he ran, said: “I want to wake up Wednesday morning knowing that we did everything in our power to win this race. What I don’t want is to wake up Wednesday with Glenn Youngkin as Governor-elect knowing that there was more we could’ve done.”

Some observers hinted that McAuliffe may full well know that when he wakes up Wednesday morning the results of the race will not yet be official.

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