Famed attorney Lin Wood retires after being targeted by ‘lawfare’ over his contesting 2020 election

by WorldTribune Staff, July 7, 2023

Attorney Lin Wood, who was targeted by the Left for contesting the 2020 election, and long ago ignited the ire of Big Media by exposing their blatant bias as he defended Richard Jewel in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics bombing, has retired from the legal profession.

CBS News reported that Wood chose to retire “rather than face possible disbarment” as “multiple states have weighed disciplining him” for contesting the election.

Attorney Lin Wood holds up a Bible while speaking during a press conference on election results in Alpharetta, Georgia on Dec. 2, 2020. / Elijah Nouvelage / Reuters

CNBC also reported that Wood retired “to avoid his potential disbarment in Georgia.”

Wood responded in a Telegram post: “Any story about me in the media will always be a ‘hit’ piece. The FAKE news hates me. They have since 1996 when I first represented Richard Jewell and called them out.”

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Wood, who also represented Kyle Rittenhouse and Nicholas Sandman, said: “The fake news wants you to believe that I retired to avoid GA B.A.R. discipline. That is a lie. I have made it known publicly that I have wanted to gradually retire from the active practice of law since Thanksgiving of 2019. I had a couple of clients whose matters needed to be finalized. I would never abandon a client in midstream.”

Wood added that, after the Georgia Bar began disciplinary proceedings against him in December of 2020, its rules prohibited him from retiring while the proceedings were ongoing.

“I did not seek the required approval to retire until after I developed a full record in the proceedings proving that I did not commit any ethical violation,” Wood said. “After that record was complete following the recent filing of the transcript of the last hearing, I sought approval to retire. My request was granted and the disciplinary actions were dismissed.”

Wood continued: “After 45 years of practicing law, I wanted out of the legal profession. I had had enough of its games. Enough is enough. Always has been. Always will be. Now after 47 years as a member of the GA B.A.R., I am free at last!!! Years 45-47 were tough but I accomplished what I set out to accomplish. Don’t be misled by the propaganda of the FAKE media.”

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As for the media coverage of his retirement, Wood said: “A 70-year old innkeeper in South Carolina retires from the active practice of law after 47 years as a trial lawyer and his retirement makes national and international news!!! What is going on??? I am not ‘famous’ or ‘politically powerful.’ I am not running for political office.”

Wood said the reports were “intentionally written in a manner to demean me. Why??? What are they afraid of??? The TRUTH I speak??? There is some good in the ‘bad’ CIA propaganda articles. I am pleased CNBC used a photo of me holding up my favorite book, the Holy Bible. I am pleased that the article correctly quoted me as saying that ‘God is sovereign over everything.’ ”

Wood said he was also pleased that the CNBC report “correctly quoted me accusing Judge Cauthorn of blasphemy: ‘At one point, Wood accused Cauthorn of ‘blasphemy’ for saying it was improper to tell a witness, ‘God bless you.’ The article even contained a hyperlink to #FightBack’s website so that readers could view the actual transcripts of the last B.A.R. hearing!!! ‘Transcripts of those proceedings, [were] posted by Wood’s ‘FightBack Foundation.’ The article even highlighted my Telegram account: ‘Telegram, where he boasts hundreds of thousands of followers.’ The FAKE CIA Mockingbird news media is clever as a serpent, but is not smart. What it intends for bad ends up doing good. JUST SAYIN’ ….”

On the Georgia Bar, Wood said: “Until 1964, membership in the State B.A.R. of Georgia was voluntary. In 1964, membership became mandatory in order to practice law in Georgia. Why the change??? Things had worked well for lawyers and the legal system in Georgia before 1964. I guess the ruling elite of the legal profession in GA wanted to control the servant class in the legal profession. Wait!!! That sounds like communism, doesn’t it??? Maybe if we can rid our nation of communism, there will be no mandatory state B.A.R. associations in the future!!! Time will tell. Communists are godless. They may try to fool you by talking god, but they aren’t talking about Jesus Christ. They are talking about the god of this world — Lucifer.”

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