F-bombing Joe Biden: Is America waking up from a very bad dream?

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, September 13, 2021

Following Joe Biden’s dictatorial vax mandate order last week, will Americans finally wake up from what has been a two-year long bad dream, a blogger asked.

“Walt Disney had it right: America’s fate would be a descent into pure fantasy as the final product of our many twentieth century triumphs,” James Howard Kuntsler wrote in “Ordeal by Narrative” on Sept. 13.

“Something was surely killing folks, though, overwhelmingly, most of those folks were already sick, and old, pretty much in the check-out zone,” Kuntsler noted. “In 2020, the death of old and sick people was declared… impermissible! Death suddenly had no place in the exceptional order of things American. (Ask old Uncle Walt, who reportedly had his head and its gelatinous contents cryogenically frozen, in expectation of future re-animation via science magic! Still waiting for him to come back….)”

The Anthony Faucis set down the rules which “included the denial of early treatment with known common anti-viral drugs for folks coming down with early symptoms of the mystery illness,” Kuntsler wrote. “So, while pretending to object to the implacable fact of death — a certainty of the human condition, according to science — we killed a whole bunch of people by withholding treatment. And concurrently, we rolled out the vaccines promising to ‘protect everybody’ only to learn that it provided other, even more diabolical, routes to death.”

So, Kuntsler noted, came last week when we witnessed “the putative leader, ‘Joe Biden,’ of a fantasy cult formerly known as the United States, barking at the populace to line up and get vaxed… or else! Did you flash on Jonestown, Guyana, 1978, the Peoples Temple, and the Rev. Jim Jones exhorting his deranged followers to ‘drink the Kool-Aid?’ ”

Kuntlser added that “it was heartening to see those football stadiums this weekend filled to their super-spreading parapets with good folks [see below] chanting the magic words of exorcism: ‘F— Joe Biden.’ And with such exuberance! As if returning home to genuine and familiar consciousness after a hypnotic journey to a weird plane of existence where anything goes and nothing matters. They are finally unimpressed after eight months of this gibbering empty suit who so ineptly fronts for a shadow administration operating wholly outside the law. We are going to get to the bottom of just how they put us through this wringer of the national soul, and exactly who was behind it.”

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