Election software company drops lawsuit against True the Vote

by WorldTribune Staff / 247 Real News April 25, 2023

Michigan-based election software company Konnech Inc. on Wednesday dropped its lawsuit against election integrity organization True the Vote.

True the Vote’s Gregg Phillips and Catherine Engelbrecht

The voluntary dismissal came a day after True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips launched the Open.Ink website, which lists evidence related to the case.

The dropping of all charges in the case, including defamation and hacking claims, vindicates Engelbrecht and Phillips, who were both imprisoned in the fall of 2022 for refusing to reveal their sources related to the Konnech lawsuit.

True the Vote said in a statement: “Konnech’s litigation was meritless and intended to harass this organization. They have failed. We are evaluating our options with regard to holding them accountable for their unwarranted actions. We believe Konnech dismissed its lawsuit because it saw that it would lose.”

Engelbrecht and Phillips said in a statement: “This was an unfounded defamation and unlawful computer access case that saw us strip searched and placed in solitary confinement. While it is encouraging to see progress being made, the serious issues surrounding the spread of misinformation, improper detainment, and judicial misconduct cannot be overlooked. Our commitment to seeking justice remains steadfast.”

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Phillips had told Steve Bannon in his interview on The War Room on Friday that he and Engelbrecht will continue to pursue Konnech and are “leaving every single option open. We’re going to fight against these guys.”

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