Election law violation? Hillary Clinton campaigns at early voting site in North Carolina

by WorldTribune Staff, October 24, 2016

Hillary Clinton showed up to campaign at an early voting location in Raleigh, North Carolina on Oct. 23 – and may have violated election law in the process.

Clinton was “mobbed” at the early voting location at Chavis Community Center, Reuters reporter Luciana Lopez tweeted.

Hillary Clinton campaigns at the Chavis Community Center in Raleigh, North Carolina. /Twiiter
Hillary Clinton campaigns at the Chavis Community Center in Raleigh, North Carolina. / Twitter

North Carolina AIDS Action Network Executive Director Lee Storrow posted a photo, noting Clinton was “hanging at the polling site.”

Engaging in “election-related activity” at a polling place violates Wake County regulations.

N.C.G.S. §163-166.4(a) states: “No person or group of persons shall hinder access, harass others, distribute campaign literature, place political advertising, solicit votes, or otherwise engage in election-related activity in the voting place or in a buffer zone…”

“The buffer zone will be 50 feet from the entrance to the polling place except where deemed by the Wake County Board of Elections to be necessarily closer, but no less than 25 feet from the entrance to the polling place. There will be publication of information regarding the entrance location and distance of the buffer zone no later than 30 days before the election.”

It’s not clear whether Clinton was ever closer than 50 feet from the entrance to the location, “but it is clear her intent was to influence voters outside the location,” The American Mirror reported.

During the primary campaign in March, former President Bill Clinton was criticized for appearing outside a polling location to rally voters for Hillary Clinton.

A Massachusetts voter said her polling location in New Bedford was shut down to accommodate a visit by the former president.

“I haven’t seen one person be able to come in and be able to vote in here. Everything is blocked off. No person can park here,” Angela Grace said of the incident.

“They are affecting the voting at this poll. It’s ridiculous. It’s fraud and illegal. From one side of the street to the other, there’s no way anybody can get down here to vote.”

Grace laid the blame at the feet of the New Bedford Mayor Jon F. Mitchell.

“Mayor of New Bedford, MA campaigning for Hillary and blocking this voting poll!!! No one has come here to vote in the 2 hours I’ve been here by the door!!” she wrote in a social media post.