Election disaster for Democrats called political opportunity for Obama

by WorldTribune Staff, November 29, 2016

As his days of being commander-in-chief wind down, President Barack Obama plans to become “organizer-in-chief.”

Obama already has an organization in place to advocate for his agenda after he leaves office. It is called Organizing for Action (OFA).

Daniel Greenfield: 'Obama is now the only major national figure still standing among the Democrats.' /Reuters
Daniel Greenfield: ‘Obama is now the only major national figure still standing among the Democrats.’ /Reuters

“The infrastructure for the organization was put into place long before anyone thought that Hillary might lose,” Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, wrote for Frontpagemag.com on Nov. 25.

“Organizing for Action gave him his own organizing hub. If Hillary had won, it would have been a pressure group. Now that Trump won, it’s an axis to build a personal counterrevolution around.”

In a post-election conference call, Obama told OFA members: “I’m giving you like a week and a half to get over it”. Then it would be time to “move forward not only to protect what we’ve accomplished, but also to see this as an opportunity.”

What opportunity could there be in Trump’s win?

“Obama is now the only major national figure still standing among the Democrats,” Greenfield wrote. “After Hillary’s defeat, he’s worked hard to attribute the loss to her shortcomings, not his policies and decisions. That’s not just to soothe his ego. If he’s going to dictate the future of his party, he can’t afford to be blamed for its latest disaster. And Obama is still determined to dictate the future of the party and the country.”

Greenfield continued: “The demoralization of the Democrats is, as Obama put it, an opportunity. Social chaos is a time for the left to overthrow and undermine traditional institutions. Fear, anger and despair are radicalizing. The left has always operated by throwing bombs and then profiting from the fallout. That’s Obama’s agenda. Having wrecked the country and the Democrats, he sees that not as a setback, but as an opportunity.”

Greenfield said that “while the leftist rioters in the streets are garnering the most attention, the real threat comes from the network of staffers dubbed Obama Anonymous which are beginning to organize and coordinate. OFA is Obama’s equivalent of the Clinton Foundation. The Clintons built Clintonworld around staffers, but its goal was harvesting money. Obama Inc. is being built around organizing and activism. Like Clintonworld, it will be a network encompassing a variety of political and non-profit institutions. Unlike them, it will be much less focused on directing money to its bosses in preparation for an election. Instead it will function like a traditional leftist movement, merging influence operations with crowdsourced mobilization.

“OFA will be far more dangerous in the wild than the Clinton Foundation ever was. The Clintons hoped to ride back to power on a giant wave of money. Obama is taking a much more radical course.”

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