Egypt kills 30 terrorists in Sinai raid

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Egypt reported its forces killed 30 jihadists in a raid on the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) affiliate in North Sinai on Jan. 14.

Egyptian forces in North Sinai.
Egyptian forces in North Sinai.

Army spokesperson Brig. Gen. Mohamed Samir said Egyptian forces launched air strikes on Sinai Province targets near the city of Sheikh Zuweid after security forces gained intelligence that the ISIL affiliate was planning a major terror attack.

“Our forces began to actively pursue terrorist targets as of this [Jan. 14] morning, as we know that it was their intention to carry out an attack,” Samir said.

Samir said that a terror attack on a security checkpoint near Sheikh Zuweid on Jan. 14 killed four army personnel, wounded eight more and destroyed three armed forces vehicles.

Samir added that Egyptian forces destroyed eight of the terror group’s hideouts.

Egypt’s security forces have been facing a decade-long jihadist insurgency based in North Sinai, with terror attacks resulting in the deaths hundreds of army and police personnel over the past three years.

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