Editor’s Line: Who says newspapers are dead?

by WorldTribune Editor’s Line, March 31, 2022

The lucky few can still read their tiny weeklies with obituaries, high school sports and not much else. The days that local papers published serious national and international coverage (like the Wake Forest [NC] Weekly, when it was owned by Todd Allen) are long gone.

Trying to stay alive and out of trouble with local loudmouth woke communists, publishers just play it safe and then, along with their once thriving newspapers, simply pass away.

It doesn’t seem right that London still has multiple thriving, highly-competitive newspapers offering diverse perspectives while doing a far better job of covering Washington, DC, than their American counterparts.

But don’t lose hope. There is WorldTribune.com which makes sure its conscientious readers don’t miss the top stories of the day, often missed or buried by the corporate media. And we are expanding. We even have the funnies. Take a look at the front page and see if you agree. Then tell your friends, families and neighbors to do themselves a favor and check out what the late Paul Harvey called “the rest of the story”.

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