Dr. Jack Caravelli

Jack2Dr. Jack Caravelli writes regularly on national security issues, including cyber warfare, Russia and Middle Eastern geopolitics and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Much of his professional career was spent in the United States government, including the Central Intelligence Agency from 1982-1996.

Dr. Caravelli served on the White House National Security Council Staff (1996-2000) focusing on Iran’s nuclear program and was deputy assistant secretary in the Department of Energy (2000-2005) for international security assistance programs.

He has lectured at Oxford University, the UK Defence Academy where he is visiting professor and Franklin University (Switzerland). Dr. Caravelli served as editor and Senior Analyst for the Langley Intelligence Network Group at Newsmax Media and commentator for BBC and Fox News. He has authored books on the Middle East and nuclear nonproliferation and works with international corporations and various governments, advising on threat mitigation from cyber attacks. He is the 2015 chair of an international conference on cyber security.

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