Drudge Break! Sensationalism aside, is wrecking the economy humane?




People are talking about DrudgeReport.com. Did he sell out to Google and go over to the dark side? While waiting for answers, here’s our short list. As always here, less is more! – The Editors

March 16, 2020

__ Tucker Carlson: Protecting the economy at this time is a ‘legitimate human concern’

__ Nunes recalls catching swine flu: ‘Nobody was panicking’

__ Auto worker whom Biden cursed reflects: ‘He did this to himself’

__ Fake: Coronavirus victim relieved he can finally touch his face again

__ New Orleans mayor orders coronavirus ban on sale, transport of firearms

March 12, 2020

White House / Public Domain

__ FAKE — Parents in crisis: Closing of government schools makes them responsible for raising their own kids

__ FAKE — Obama announces that he is no longer responsible for the economy

__ AOC: Biden winning over Sanders because of ‘rampant voter suppression’

__ Michael Avenatti’s karma: From Cable show greenrooms to a rat-infested prison cell

__ Report: Erik Prince recruited ex-spies for Project Veritas

February 9, 2020

__ FAKE — New Trump book: If I wanted to do high crimes and misdemeanors it wouldn’t be some stupid phone call

__ FAKE — HuffPo reveals Trump’s congressional defenders display disturbing ‘cult’ behavior

__ Farage cites growing ‘concern’ in U.S. about UK’s deal with Huawei

__ ‘All in good time’: Brazil’s president offers pro-Christian answer to Latin America’s highest teen pregnancy rate

__ The rest of the story: Rush Limbaugh tells how he got invited to the State of the Union address

February 2, 2020

__ FAKE — Democrats get serious: American people might tamper with next election

__ FAKE — Bernie Sanders praises China’s bold use of ‘humanitarian tools’ to control population

__ ‘Mini Mike’: Trump hits new candidate’s ‘fake media’; Bloomberg fires back

__ Groundhog’s Day 2020: The verdict is in

__ FAKE — CNN impeachment analysis: ‘It is time to freak out’