Drudge Break! Pelosi go home




People are talking about DrudgeReport.com. Did he sell out to Google and go over to the dark side? While waiting for answers, here’s our short list. As always here, less is more! – The Editors

November 5

__ Trump in Ky. scolds Pelosi: Clean up your mess back home

__ More dogs than children in today’s San Francisco

__ Trump expanding base with independents, minorities and others angry with D.C.

__ Moving to ‘redder pastures’: Conservative Californian bailing for pro-American states 

__ San Diego U, Vice News present pedophilia as ‘sexual orientation’

November 4

__ Missing: Accused madam for Jeffrey Epstein attended Jeff Bezos’s secretive ‘Campfire’ retreat last year

__ Convicted murderer who ducked death penalty, getting taxpayer funded sex-change in prison

__ Teen ‘leader of our time’ seeks carbon-free ‘transport’ back across the Atlantic

__ Trump warns Schiff will ‘change the words’ of closed door hearing transcripts before releasing

__ Aramco, world’s most profitable company, set to offer its first IPO after 2-year delay

October 29

__ Limbaugh: Trump Syria strategy ‘fooled everyone’

__ Baghdadi went the extra mile on personal security, taking care of his health

__ China to sign trade deal on Nov. 17 in win for Trump

__ ‘Double whammy’: House approves Turkey sanctions, recognizes Armenian genocide

__ House Democrat signals he won’t vote for impeachment

October 28

__ NPR praises terrorist Baghdadi: ‘He was a real leader’

__ Senate Republican: Pelosi would have leaked al-Baghdadi raid to sabotage Trump

__ AOC on LA brush fire: This is what climate change looks like

__ Trump: Chicago ‘worst sanctuary city in America’

__ How media follow GLAAD’s guidelines for trans ID, even in cases of horrific crimes

October 27

__ Dem candidates delete Trump’s name from tweets on death of ISIS leader but . . .

__ . . . Trump congratulated Obama following bin Laden raid

__ Democratic coverage called ‘genuinely fascinating’

__ Report: Congresswoman involved in ‘throuple’ will resign

__ Tiger Woods wins 82nd PGA tour event . . . in Japan

October 24

__ Hunter Biden scandal expands into Romania

__ MLB investigates umpire who reportedly threatened civil war over impeachment

__ Linda Tripp: Same media that silenced me now glorify fake whistleblowers

__ Flashback: Pentagon settles with Linda Tripp after she sued for violation of the Privacy Act

__ Democrat incumbents are about to face the music

October 23

__ Bedard: 7 in 10 say US ‘on the edge of civil war’

__ Uighur Muslim woman tell all after escaping horrific ‘re-education’ camp

__ Bette Midler praises neighbor who beat the s–t out of Sen. Rand Paul

__ Chairman Mao? Who knew?

__ Behind the leftist attacks on Chairman Zuck