Drudge Break! Election crisis looms




People are talking about DrudgeReport.com. Did he sell out to Google and go over to the dark side? While waiting for answers, here’s our short list. As always here, less is more! – The Editors

February 2, 2020

__ FAKE — Democrats get serious: American people might tamper with next election

__ FAKE — Bernie Sanders praises China’s bold use of ‘humanitarian tools’ to control population

__ ‘Mini Mike’: Trump hits new candidate’s ‘fake media’; Bloomberg fires back

__ Groundhog’s Day 2020: The verdict is in

__ FAKE — CNN impeachment analysis: ‘It is time to freak out’

November 6

__ ABC ‘standards’ blocked Epstein story but not the one about Michael Flynn

__ Republican elected Kentucky’s first African American attorney general

__ French star says she was sexually abused by director from age 12

__ Volker: Whistleblower ‘got some facts wrong’

__ Every song on new Kanye West album, ‘Jesus is King’, hits ‘Hot 100’