Dr. Scott Atlas: Fauci’s legacy is the ‘sacrifice of the poor, the minorities and our children’

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, August 23, 2022

As corporate media tributes to  anointed patron saint of Covid Anthony Fauci greeted his announced exit from government “service,” a doctor who advised the Trump White House on Covid had a different take.

In a Monday interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Dr. Scott Atlas bluntly stated that Fauci’s many Covid recommendations not only failed the American public but did real damage. He based his assessment on first-hand knowledge.

“They spared the affluent and the elites at the sacrifice of the poor, the minorities and our children. The sinful and long lasting damage is one of his legacies because those policies of masking, isolating and quarantining healthy children introduced massive fear in them … we haven’t even seen the tip of the iceberg of that damage,” said Atlas, adding that the damage to American children that Fauci-inspired policies had already caused included:

• Skyrocketing self-harm [incidents] by teenagers,
• suicidal ideation,
• mental illness skyrocketing,
• child abuse going unreported,
• massive surges in childhood obesity ….

Fauci, Atlas said, “also presided over the NIH’s total failure to conduct the necessary clinical trials on already-approved low-cost drugs along with his friend and associate Francis Collins.”

Atlas continued: “The second big category of his damage, his legacy is the extraordinary distrust in the public of our public health agencies. This is critical and very harmful … His own emails to suffocate the free exchange of ideas. This is antithetical to science. And the unacceptable centralization of power of a 40-year bureaucrat instead of just issuing recommendations.

“The bottom line is that we woke up now to needing to eliminate the power of a corrupt central bureaucrat and restore medical ethics back to public health. This is his legacy.”

In an analysis on The Dossier report on substack.com, investigative journalist Jordan Schachtel said that Fauci is “arguably the most destructive human being of our time.”

“Will Congress hold him accountable? Probably not,” Schachtel wrote. “But for a few exceptions, they’re too complicit in the economic and societal destruction of the last few years to do anything serious. The vast majority have a track record of lockdown authoritarianism and mRNA fanaticism.”

Fauci “will probably get away with all of it,” Schachtel added. “However, his legacy can serve as an important lesson to the general public: never, ever give so much power to one megalomaniacal mad man, especially one who works in the federal government. Like most problems with government, liberty is the solution.”

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