Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates: Snake oil salesmen?

by WorldTribune Staff, August 20, 2020

The corporate media’s “selective watchdogging” is quite apparent during the coronavirus pandemic, a columnist noted.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, left, and Bill Gates

When MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell pushed the benefits of a coronavirus therapy that could financially benefit him, he was called out by CNN’s Anderson Cooper as a “snake oil salesman.”

So, “where’s the similar treatment for Anthony Fauci? For Bill Gates?” asked Washington Times columnist Cheryl K. Chumley on Aug. 19.

In his appearance on CNN, Lindell spoke of oleandrin as a possible covid therapeutic treatment.

“Coincidentally, Lindell was also named to the board of Phoenix Biotechnology just a week or so ago — a company that makes oleandrin. And of course, any rational person would want to question the idea of Lindell serving as an unbiased spokesperson for a product he could also financially benefit from, right? Valid question,” Chumley wrote. Cooper “went classless, though.”

The CNN personality said to Lindell: “You really are a snake oil salesman. I mean, you could be in the Old West standing on a box telling people to drink your amazing elixir that there’s no proof [of].”

Chumley pointed out the media double standard when it comes to Fauci and Gates touting treatments they may financially benefit from. Both are heavily invested in a coronavirus vaccine.

“Here’s an interesting tie: Both these guys serve on the Decade of Vaccines campaign, a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation plan of action to ‘increase coordination across the international vaccine community’ — that is, ‘national governments, multilateral organizations, civil society, the private sector and philanthropic organizations’ — in order to ‘identify critical policy, resource and other gaps that that must be addressed to realize the life-saving potential of vaccines,” Chumley noted.

“It’s a massive marketing scheme to ramp up vaccines for the world — and also reform the policies and politics that go into ensuring citizens get-slash-take those vaccines,” Chumley continued, adding that it’s “funded to the tune of billions of dollars by Gates. And others. And Fauci serves on its Leadership Council.”

Chumley concluded:

“In other words: Gates and Fauci have vested interests in seeing a coronavirus vaccine is not only developed, but widely administered.

“In other words: Gates and Fauci, with their anti-alternative coronavirus treatment, pro-vaccine views, could very well be labeled snake oil salesman, too.

“The difference? Lindell is a staunch Trump supporter.”

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