Don Jr. asks question media didn’t: Did Hunter lie about drug use on background check?

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, April 9, 2021

As he makes the rounds with corporate media personalities and late night talk hosts to promote his book, Hunter Biden is consistently bombarded with such probing questions as “why are you so awesome?” and “why is your father so awesome?”

Since no one in the profession tasked with questioning authority was asking obvious questions of substance, Donald Trump Jr. picked up the slack.

After Joe Biden rolled out his gun grab plans on Thursday, Trump Jr. noted on Twitter: “Biden wants to disarm law-abiding American citizens with unconstitutional gun control measures, but his son Hunter is allowed to break the law and lie on federal background check forms to get a gun with no consequences?”

The few remaining outlets which do actual journalism in the year 2021 have noted that Hunter Biden wrongfully answered “no” to a drug use question in buying a .38 pistol. Lying on a gun background application is a felony.

Legal scholar Jonathan Turley on Friday slammed the corporate media’s treatment of Hunter Biden following another friendly late night interview with the president’s son on ABC.

“This collective willful blindness was evident in the interview conducted last night by Jimmy Kimmel where the two joked about Hunter’s convenient lack of memory,” Turley wrote. “Hunter goes blank on incriminating issues even though he can remember other details going back to when he was eight years old.”

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Rather than discuss sordid details like his lying on the gun background check, or his fathering a child in Arkansas he denied was his, the leftist media is “driving home the image of an American Odysseus who overcame every challenge,” Turley wrote.

CNN personality and Biden fanboy Brian Stelter called Hunter’s new book “breathtaking” and “extraordinary.”

The corporate media went to great lengths to falsely characterize the revelations gleaned from Hunter Biden’s laptop as “Russian disinformation.”

Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald said the media giving Hunter Biden a free pass on tough questions are committing malpractice.

“Everyone knows now that the Hunter Biden documents — including those raising questions about Joe’s participation in his China deals — are authentic, but admitting that is a scandal given what they & Facebook did, so they’ve trained liberals to think any mention of it is trivial,” Greenwald said.

Greenwald added that “anyone ‘interviewing’ Hunter Biden who doesn’t ask these questions is committing journalistic malpractice:

“Were any of reported emails attributed to you forged?

“Did you pursue the business deals in China reflected in those emails?

“Did the ‘big guy’s 10%’ refer to Joe?”

The leftist media and late night hosts in their interviews with Hunter Biden are taking great care to push the narrative of a flawed but heroic figure, Turley said.

“Ignoring conflicts in the interview was no easy task. Kimmel made reference to Hunter’s struggle with drugs without noting that Hunter admits to being a crack addict all the way up to his father’s 2020 presidential election,” Turley wrote. “Hunter left that off of his description of his work on Burisma.”

“While Hunter was claiming blackouts of memory due to his crack addiction, he was also claiming that he was a natural choice for the board of an major energy company,” Turley added. “Burisma and other companies not only gave massive payments to someone without any notable skills or experience, they hired someone who was a drug addict who was, by his own account, a total trainwreck.”

As for the gun incident, a story about questions of whether the U.S. Secret Service was involved in Biden’s gun going missing, the Washington Examiner reported, “Politico obtained copies of the Firearms Transaction Record dated Oct. 12, 2018. Hunter Biden responded ‘no’ to a question asking if he was an illegal drug user, with his response coming five years after he was discharged from the Navy Reserve after testing positive for cocaine. Biden has publicly discussed his drug use, and his memoir discusses his drug addiction, including his extensive use of crack cocaine.”

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