Doing his job: President Trump had a great week; Only media focused on impeachment

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, December 15, 2019

Democrats and the major media have by their own admission been focused for three years on any and all efforts to overturn the 2016 election. So it was no surprise that this past week, in their bubble, it was all about impeachment.

‘It was one of his best weeks yet.’ / YouTube

For President Donald Trump it was another week of winning.

“There is one world where the mainstream media is covering impeachment, but there is another world where Trump is racking up a myriad of accomplishments, many of which have the support of the same Democrats who want to remove him from office,” said political communications strategist Ron Bonjean.

“It was one of his best weeks yet,” a White House adviser told Washington Examiner columnist Paul Bedard.

Trump’s advisers also noted that Wall Street hit another record, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi conceded that on impeachment, “It’s been going on 22 months — two and a half years, actually.”

A GOP adviser told Bedard: “President Trump and the Republicans are an irresistible force surging over, around, and through the gelatinous Democrats — a growing number of whom are realizing daily that what they’re doing is seen by the public as trivial and senseless. Just think of what could be accomplished for our country if the loony Left wasn’t so obsessed with destroying Trump.”

In the past week, Trump added several more accomplishments to the list:

• An agreement on a new U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade deal.
• A new budget including more than $1.3 billion for a border wall and blocks a government shutdown.
• House approval of the U.S. Space Force, a brand-new branch of the military.
• Government family leave that will be a model for a proposal for the public.
• Tentative agreement on trade with China.
• Approval of Trump’s 50th federal appeals judge.
• Confirmation of a new Food and Drug Administration chief.
• The signing of a pro-Israel anti-Semitism executive order.

Trump biographer Doug Wead said: “Perhaps, for now, what he accomplished this week will be overshadowed by the impeachment, but by next summer, the impeachment may be seen as mean-spirited and partisan, and the string of victories will add to his incredible list of victories going into re-election season,” he said.

One of the president’s pollsters, John McLaughlin, told Bedard that if public anger at impeachment continues to grow, worried Democrats might get in line to pass more of Trump’s agenda to give them protection in their re-elections next year.

“Democrats in states and districts the president won are at serious risk if they vote for impeachment. So they are rushing to vote for the president’s popular positions,” McLaughlin said, adding, “If [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi and [Senate Minority Leader Chuck] Schumer keep pressing impeachment, it’s likely the president will get his entire agenda passed and be re-elected in a landslide.”

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