Do the math: Use Mexican drug cash to pay for the wall

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David Morgan, Asheville Tribune

Mexico and the cartels without question are shipping tons of drugs into the US, through the southern border, and all the money is ending up back in Mexico.

The Mexican government has no handle on it, cannot control it, and is dominated by the cartels.

Stacks of confiscated drug cartel cash in a photo included with a 2007 press release by the U.S. embassy in Mexico.

These drug kings put money every place you can imagine – on their floors, in suitcases, in metal file cabinets, in safes, plastic bags, and inside mattresses. If you want to get a close look at this kind of money, see the photographs released as part of a report by the U.S. Embassy in 2007.

Believe it or not, it doesn’t take a great deal of space to store literally billions of dollars. One half inch of wrapped bills contains 100 bills in a 2.6” wide by 6” long configuration. If those are $100 bills, that would translate into $10,000 per half inch. Now I will do a little math for you. If you expand that figure you will find that one cubic foot of space can contain about $2,500,000.

That would mean that 400 cubic feet could hold one billion dollars. (A million dollars is 1,000 one hundred dollar bills, and a billion dollars is 1,000 million one hundred dollar bills. That is 10 million $100 dollar bills)

Now 400 cubic feet is not a lot of space. A space 5 feet high by 8 feet wide by 10 feet long is 400 cubic feet. (5x8x10 = 400 cubic feet). To go one step further… How much space is in a tractor trailer? The official inside measurements are 39.4167’ long by 7.667’ wide by 7.833’ high. That provides 2,367 cubic feet, and 2,367 cubic feet divided by 400 cubic feet is 5.92. We’ve shown that one billion dollars can fit into 400 cubic feet, so this means that a tractor trailer can hold almost 6 billion dollars.

That being the case, it would take somewhere around 3 or 4 tractor trailers worth of drug money to pay for the wall that Trump wants to build. It is a small number of trucks needed to hold all the cash to build the wall.

The United States could play a key role by offering the Mexican government help in suppressing the drug trade if the Mexican government would turn over just 3 or 4 tractor trailers worth of recovered drug money to the United States to pay for the wall. It may take a few more trailers if all the bills were not $100 bills. But what’s a few trailers? What could be better than to have the drug dealers pay for the wall that would be built to stop the flow of drugs and would eliminate the cartels.

A mutually beneficial partnership could be formed. It’s a win-win deal. Even the liberal press would be hard pressed to not support such an effort.

It’s not the Mexican people who need to pay for the wall, it’s the Mexican drug dealers who need to pay for the wall.

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