Do no evil? Big Tech’s secret and unchecked cognitive threat to humanity

by WorldTribune Staff, March 20, 2024

As both a surveillance and censorship behemoth, Google and its “data-siphoning tentacles reach deep into your everyday life, collecting data on every move you make and conversation you have, whether online or in the real world,” an analyst noted.

“Google’s powers pose several threats to society,” Dr. Joseph Mercola wrote in a March 20 analysis.

With its hidden surveillance powers, Google has ways to track you “even if you disable location tracking on your phone,” Mercola noted.”Google has ways to determine your whereabouts by tracking the addresses of nearby cellular towers that your phone connects to.”

As detailed in Mercola’s February 2023 analysis “Will Google’s Social Credit System Determine Your Future?”, there are proposals suggesting all this data, in combination with artificial intelligence-enabled analytics systems “could be used for ‘predictive policing’ as illustrated in the 2002 movie ‘Minority Report’, where suspected perpetrators are arrested before a crime is actually committed,” Mercola wrote.

“Google also has the power to manipulate public opinion through search rankings and other means, and the shifts in thinking produced are both rapid and enormous.”

The One World Government technocrats and globalists dream of would likely never happen without Google, Mercola asserts, as a One World Government relies on social engineering and artificial intelligence. “Google is a frontrunner and expert in both, and has the ability to control entire populations.”

Robert Epstein, Ph.D., who has spent the last decade exposing Google’s manipulative and deceptive practices as a senior research psychologist for the American Institute of Behavioral Research and Technology, laid out three unique threats Google poses to society in an interview with Mercola:

• They’re a surveillance agency with significant yet hidden surveillance powers — Google Search, Google Wallet, Google Docs, Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube — all are surveillance platforms and from Google’s perspective, the value of these platforms are their ability to glean very precise data about you as an individual. Most of these platforms offer free services for the simple reason that YOU are the product being sold to third parties.

• They’re a censoring agency with the ability to restrict or block access to websites across the internet, thus deciding what people can and cannot see. While Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act makes free speech possible for everyone, it also allows Google and other online platforms to filter out and censor whatever they want.

The most crushing problem with this kind of internet censorship is that you don’t know what you don’t know. If a certain type of information is removed from search, and you don’t know it should exist somewhere, you’ll never go looking for it. And, when searching for information online, how would you know that certain websites or pages have been removed from the search results in the first place? The answer is, you don’t.

For example, Google has been investing in DNA repositories for quite a long time, and are adding DNA information to our profiles. According to Epstein, Google has taken over the national DNA repository, but articles about that — which he has cited in his own writings — have all vanished.

• They have the power to manipulate public opinion through search rankings and other means, and the shifts in thinking produced are both rapid and enormous. For example, Epstein has demonstrated that Google has the ability to shift voting preferences among undecided voters by a whopping 48% to 63%, and the power to determine 25% of global elections. What’s more, this manipulation is entirely undetectable and untraceable.

(View the full interview here.)

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