Did masked FBI agents stage Ohio protest? ‘Are they even trying anymore?’

by WorldTribune Staff, April 2, 2023

There was something curious to many observers about a protest by a so-called “white nationalist” group, who call themselves Patriot Front, outside a drag event in Chardon, Ohio on Saturday.

So-called Patriot Front protesters / Video Image

The “protesters” were seen outside a drag brunch and 18+ show held at the Element 41 venue.

It was peculiar that those calling themselves Patriot Front did not seem to be in the “patriot” vein, observers said.

They hid their faces with masks.

When asked about their status by people on the scene, the “white nationalists” clammed up and walked away.

Some on social media commented that the “protesters” all seemed to be in very good physical condition.

“Why do they all look like strong, healthy, trained individuals? Face covered,” one commenter noted.

Another made a meme out of it: “Government making sure we hate each other.”

Another commented: “That’s FBI. Are they even trying anymore?”

Video from the scene:

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