Dems thrilled by latest ‘battle-ax’ to smash Trump

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By Grace Vuoto

The Democrats have regained the majority in the House following the midterm elections and are now vowing to use their new power to strangle President Donald Trump’s agenda and destroy his presidency.

Instead of charting a course to advance productive legislation, they are blinded by hatred. They are obsessed with overturning the results of the 2016 elections; the people be damned.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer speaks with reporters on Capitol Hill.

It appears that the ongoing, inconclusive Special Counsel probe by Robert Mueller into whether Trump and members of his campaign colluded with Russia to win the election is not enough to besmirch this presidency. According to the Democratic Party, if one avenue of investigation does not produce the desired result, find another one. In other words, there is no sincere regard for justice or truth. The Democrats are preparing to wield their power like a battle-ax to smash Trump’s administration, whether or not he committed any serious wrongdoing.

Among the issues senior leaders have declared they will explore in 2019 are the collusion charges — again — and whether Trump obstructed justice after he became president. But isn’t that what taxpayers are already paying Mueller to investigate? No matter. Leading Democrats state they will revisit the issue, akin to beating a witness until he says what the cops want to hear.

They also want to explore the role Trump played in preventing women like Stephanie Clifford and Karen McDougal from discussing their sexual dalliances with him prior to his election. As if the public did not already know that he was an incorrigible playboy? Trump boasted of his conquests throughout the years. And his supporters largely shrugged their shoulders in 2016 because he was willing to wage battles for them, and possibly win, when other more genteel leaders had failed.

Yet, did he violate any campaign finance laws, they now ask? And if they discover he did not, they will still ask the question again, framing it in a different manner in order to keep the embarrassing headlines alive.

If any of these body blows do not paralyze Trump, don’t worry: they are preparing an investigative feast. Democrats on the Oversight Committee are going to sharpen more than 50 subpoena requests that were previously blocked by Republicans, including probing how security clearances were given, jet travel used by cabinet members, exploring whether or not Russians laundered money through the Trump organization, delving into Trump’s business practices to see if there are constitutional violations and analyzing how presidential pardons were issued, to name a few. Let the games begin!

And let us not forget one of the main objectives in all these forthcoming investigations, subpoenas and requests for documents: the Democrats are desperately trying to obtain Trump’s tax returns.

Surely, those returns will show us, at last, that…the Russians paid his taxes for years, ordered him to silence the women and told him to fire former FBI Director James Comey. Surely somehow, some way, they will find what they are looking for: Trump is a crypto-Russian agent working at the behest of a foreign power to destroy the American republic, while engaging in pee parties with prostitutes in hotels. It would be hilarious were it not so serious.

If none of this mud sticks permanently to Trump, they are ready to open other fronts: Jared and Ivanka’s emails. The son-in-law and daughter of the president used a personal email address while corresponding about government business in 2017, it has been revealed. There was no private server, no destruction of 30,000 emails, no transmission of classified information, no lying to federal authorities under oath — as Hillary Clinton did — but this is not relevant. Jared and Ivanka will be rattled; that cage will be shaken to see what falls out. While, at the same time, they are striking fear into Don Jr. that he may be imprisoned for lying about or setting up the infamous, notorious 2016 Trump Tower meeting where members of the campaign met with a few two-bit Russians.

During the 2016 campaign when Trump declared that Clinton belonged in jail for all her crimes, the left-wing press was outraged that a candidate would suggest prosecuting a political opponent. This is un-American, they declared in unison.

The hypocrisy here is rich: the Democrats are getting ready not to undertake legitimate government oversight but to use their power to prosecute their political opponent and his family. And the press cheers them on.

Amidst this constant, crazed opposition to a legitimate president, there grows an equally persistent support for an embattled leader.

So when Democrats ponder why Trump’s supporters are so fervent in his defense, perhaps they should also consider the role they are playing in hardening the political lines in this polarized age. The more they push in this illegitimate manner, the more determined we become to stand by him to the end.

Take your best shot. We will not let this president go down.

Grace Vuoto, Ph. D, is a WorldTribune columnist.