Days before election, Facebook suspended WorldTribune, warned its readers

by WorldTribune Staff, November 7, 2022

Americans who were paying attention learned about the power of censorship in the 2020 election when the FBI and the Big Tech media suppressed the spread of a report by the New York Post on the Hunter Biden laptop which the authorities branded as Russian disinformation. Those reports have since been confirmed by major media and meticulously documented by the Marco Polo research group. Thus began an Information War which in 2021 exposed pervasive corruption in the battle for hearts and minds.

Flashback to last Dec. 14 and the New York Post: “Facebook finally admitted the truth: The ‘fact checks’ that social media use to police what Americans read and watch are just ‘opinion.’ … The fact-check industry is funded by liberal moguls such as George Soros, government-funded nonprofits and the tech giants themselves. The checkers are not the unbiased arbiters of truth; they are useful distractions, groups Facebook can use to absolve itself of responsibility. Free speech be damned.” has been in the Facebook “fact check” doghouse many times. But the latest on Nov. 5, 2022 was different in several ways, including the timing, just days before the 2022 midterm elections.

The latest suspension also blocked all posting and sharing of new articles on WorldTribune’s Facebook page and warned: “Your page is a risk of being unpublished and has reduced distribution and other restrictions.”

Readers attempting to share articles got the following notice:

‘This Page has repeatedly shared false information.’

‘Some posts shared by WorldTribune included false information that was checked by independent fact checkers or went against our community standards’

The Oct. 21 article which the “fact checkers” flagged was titled: “CDC vaccine schedule vote defied public comments, physicians’ warnings”.

It detailed how the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices voted to recommend the Covid-19 jab be added to the 2023 childhood and adult vaccination schedules despite a slew of negative comments from Americans.

Protesting Big Tech’s targeting of independent media, publisher Robert Morton earlier charged Facebook with “a stealthy ‘confiscation'” of such media’s “audience and market share in a long-term campaign conducted without notifying either its readers or publishers and in effect a breach of the First Amendment.”

After editors protested the most recent suspension, Facebook ended it and sent the following:

The New York Post Editorial Board noted that Facebook “fact checkers” had blocked the Post’s coverage on the possibility that Covid-19 had leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China.

Facebook’s “independent” scientific reviewers “relied on a group of experts who had a vested interest in dismissing that theory — including EcoHealth, which had funded the Wuhan lab,” the Editorial Board noted.

The “fact check” was eventually lifted by Facebook, “but only after it no longer mattered,” the Post said.

A lawsuit brought by independent journalist John Stossel exposed the Left’s supposed battle against “misinformation” as a farce.

Meanwhile, Meta/Facebook is planning to begin large-scale layoffs this week, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

Meta shares are down over 70% this year.

As of the last earnings, Meta had over 87,000 employees. The Journal cited sources as saying that layoffs are expected to affect many thousands of employees and an announcement is planned to come as soon as Wednesday, with company officials having already told employees to cancel non-essential travel beginning this week.

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