Daughter Ivanka explains wall of sound against Trump: ‘They’re scared’

by WorldTribune Staff, August 9, 2016

GOP candidate Donald Trump’s critics and the cacophony of coordinated messaging against him on both conventional and social media shows this opponents are “scared” because “they never thought that he’d be where he is,” Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, said on Aug. 8.

She also challenged her father’s critics, mostly in the media, who describe his temperament as “volatile,” calling her father “incredibly level-headed.”

Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump at the Republican National Convention. /Getty Images
Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump at the Republican National Convention. /Getty Images

“I think that he fights, and he’s strong, and he’s had to fight. He has a lot of people coming at him,” the 34-year-old married mother of three said.

“I think he fights the fights that he feels are important for this country, and he’ll bring that same spirit and that same energy to the White House,” she added. “I think people want somebody who is going to fight for them.”

She dismissed the idea that her father has been politically wounded by low poll numbers and is seeking to reset his campaign.

Donald Trump, who had never before run for elected office, “beat 16 incredibly capable, competent people in the Republican primaries, so it’s not my place to tell him to change his campaigning style,” Ivanka said.

“They are coming out in droves in support of his fresh perspective, his honesty, his candor, his bold version for the future of this country. And the support has been tremendous.”

She also brushed back an idea floated by her father that Ivanka could join her father’s cabinet, an idea she said she believes was made tongue-in-cheek.

“He raised me to be a strong woman and voice my opinion,” she said. “I share with him when I agree and when I disagree.”