Crime pays? Team Biden weighs paying $450,000 per person to illegal immigrants

by WorldTribune Staff, October 29, 2021

Team Biden is ready to fork over $450,000 per person in U.S. taxpayer money to those who entered the U.S. illegally during President Donald Trump’s term.

“Illegal immigrant families that were separated during the Trump administration” will get the cash bonanza, according to an Oct. 28 report by the Wall Street Journal.

More migrant caravans are expected to surge to the U.S. amid Team Biden’s open borders policies and the proposal of reparations for separated illegal immigrant families.

“This is peak America last,” tweeted Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gosar. “Violate our laws. Then get handsomely paid off by law abiding tax paying citizens. The clowns in charge are clowning harder each day with incompetence and national suicide.”

According to the Journal’s report, the Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services are considering the payments to the illegal immigrants in order to settle lawsuits filed by the American Civil Liberties Union and others.

The average demand in each lawsuit adds up to approximately $3.4 million per family, while the settlement offer from Team Biden amounts to around $450,000 per person and close to $1 million per family, the report said.

Depending on how much is doled out to settle each claim, the cost to taxpayers could approach $1 billion.

“It’s unthinkable to pay a burglar who broke into your home for the ‘psychological trauma’ they endured during the crime,” Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton tweeted Thursday. “Yet the Biden admin wants to reward migrants who illegally entered our country with up to $450,000 each for just that reason. Insanity.”

Meanwhile, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Thursday said Team Biden has issued a list of “protected areas” where illegal immigrants can no longer be arrested.

Under the directive, enforcement actions — whether an arrest, search, service of a subpoena, or other action — will be suspended “effective immediately” within a vast array of new sanctuaries including, but not limited to:

• Schools, including pre-schools, primary and secondary schools, vocational or trade schools, and colleges and universities.

• Medical or mental healthcare facilities, like hospitals, doctors’ offices, health clinics, vaccination or testing sites, urgent care centers, sites that serve pregnant individuals, or community health centers.

• Houses of worship or religious studies and places where children gather, like playgrounds, recreation centers, childcare centers, before- or after-school care centers, foster care facilities, group homes for children, or school bus stops.

• Social services establishments, like crisis centers, domestic violence shelters, victims’ services centers, child advocacy centers, supervised visitation centers, family justice centers, community-based organizations, facilities that serve the disabled, homeless shelters, drug or alcohol counseling and treatment facilities, or food banks or other establishments that distribute food or other essentials of life to people in need.

• Places where disaster or emergency response and relief are provided, including along evacuation routes, where shelter or emergency supplies, food, or water are being distributed, or registration for disaster-related assistance or family reunification is underway.

• Places where funerals or other religious or civil ceremonies or observances occur, as well as ongoing parades, demonstrations, or rallies.

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