CPAC: ‘Pawn Stars’ host Rick Harrison rocks house with ‘stupidity of socialism’ speech

by WorldTribune Staff, March 1, 2019

“Once you give someone something it’s hard to take it away … then you get Venezuela,” Rick Harrison, star of the History Channel hit show “Pawn Stars”, told the CPAC conference on Feb. 28 in a speech on the “stupidity of socialism.”

Rick Harrison addresses CPAC on Feb. 28. / YouTube

“The majority [of] people in this room know that socialism is just stupid,” said Harrison, who has recently said he is a “Trump guy.”

“It’s literally like heroin. The first shot is great. For a little bit it’s wonderful, but then the rest of your life is a living hell. And that’s literally what the socialists are doing,” Harrison said.

Pawn Stars, in its 15th season and with more than 500 episodes aired, has become one of the most successful prime-time television programs in history.

Former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka told the CPAC crowd: “What is America’s biggest problem? Not socialism in Russia, but in America!”

Rep. Mark Meadows, North Carolina Republican, said that Democrats “are embracing socialism.”

“We’ve got to get to a point where we celebrate capitalism and understand that in America, it doesn’t matter who you are, where you came from, that the American dream is available for everybody,” Meadows said.

Rep. Jim Jordan, Ohio Republican, chided Democrats for embracing policies like the Green New Deal, abolishing ICE and higher taxes for the wealthy. “This is how radical they are,” he said.

“When it gets down to President Trump against whoever the left nominates, President Trump is going to clean their clock in my judgment. He’s going to win. Understand just how radical they are,” Jordan added.

See Harrison’s address to CPAC here

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