Covid lockdowns awakened parents to what their children were learning in school

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, August 30, 2022

The Wuhan, China virus of 2020 wreaked havoc worldwide as did the tsunami of lockdowns that ensued. But if there was one positive side effect it was the great awakening of the American parents of children in the public schools.

While there is no doubt children were significantly impacted physically, emotionally, and in their educational progress by Covid lockdowns, one thing the stay-at-home orders did was enable parents to see exactly what was happening in America’s classrooms.

Many did not like what they saw, became vocal and were tagged by the FBI as potential terrorists as a result.

Huge credit for exposing what was happening in those classrooms goes to Libs of TikTok, which re-posts content created by leftists.

For its efforts, Libs of TikTok is often the target of the woke cancel culture mob.

In April, Fox News host Tucker Carlson detailed the Left’s intimidation campaign against Libs of TikTok (see below).

Following are excerpts from a social media post by Manhattan realtor Thomas Geraghty, who points out how the Covid pandemic opened they eyes of parents who had no idea of what was happening in their childrens’ classrooms:

The Teacher Shortage Explained

Perhaps the greatest improvement in American public school education in decades came with the Covid pandemic when they closed the schools. The contagion inadvertently rescued American children from the incessant brain-washing going on there. …

Not only this, but the moment has brought an added bonus by schools introducing live, on-line, classrooms to substitute for school attendance. By doing so, schools created a live-TV show in which parents now had a front row seat, seeing exactly what their children were experiencing. To say they were “shocked” at what they saw would be a vast understatement.

The deluge of politically-correct nonsense took them by surprise. Especially egregious was how much of the school day was absorbed in this, which astonished millions of parents. The moms and dads, once oblivious to what was being taught, were now scandalized.

Being previously absorbed in maintaining 2-income households, they had paid little attention. Now they suddenly realized that junior was the victim of a gothic novel, in real life — a re-education experiment, seemingly dreamed-up by pedophile-sadists from Mars.

Transgender “rights” and Critical Race Theory had taken the place of traditional subjects. History (long since renamed “Social Studies”) had been replaced with Marxist flavored “racial oppression” courses. The essentials of American history (The Constitution, American Revolution, the Civil War) the minimum needed to convey the meaning of U.S. citizenship, had been relegated to the dust bin. Any form of U.S. national identity had been erased, expunged.

The jolt had its effect. Parents also had more time at home due to Covid. Once alerted, they began to show up at school board meetings. The people managing their children’s education they found to be an implacable wall of condescension and hostility. They were Marxist activists — people who got themselves elected for one purpose, which was to transform the public schools into indoctrination centers.

And they had done that. This was accomplished in stealth, in the absence of anyone checking on them, or taking care to review their activities. But now, in the teeth of the Covid crisis, they at last knew what was up.

The attrition of teaching staff, and the battleground that is now our public schools, made it very uncomfortable for teachers. The demands of the new mind-bending curriculum has alienated many average thinking people who sense they are being used for some foreign purpose that has nothing to do with “educating” children in the classic meaning of the word.

The imposed indoctrination has put a strain on anyone with a traditional outlook. The original request for toleration for “gay marriage” and gay equality once secured, quickly morphed into an endless list of genders and radical ideas about children being subjected to “sex reassignment” surgery. Schools and teachers began receiving mandatory training on this, in which teachers are expected to accommodate the new ideas. If they resist, they could be put on notice or lose their jobs. This is asking a lot.

On the other side of the spectrum are these activists teachers seen in the “TikToc Libs” videos. They are now being reviewed by administrators pressured by parents to explain the “Trans” programs, etc. Such people are finding their job security may not be what it was, and their flamboyant antics of wild hairdos and make-up becoming questionable. Some of these people, where the pressure is being brought asking them to tone down the volume, may also decide teaching is not their best choice of life path.

Our schools have become another political front, and one critical to any sort of defense of the nation. They must be restored to sanity if there is to be any hope in restoring the nation.

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