Counterterror expert Gorka exits White House under a cloud generated by the Left

by WorldTribune Staff, August 27, 2017

Having departed the White House amid constant smears from the Left, national security and counterterrorism expert Sebastian Gorka told President Donald Trump in a resignation letter that supporters within his administration of the “Make America Great Again” credo have been systematically eliminated or silenced.

News of Deputy Assistant to the President Gorka’s exit was telegraphed by a widely-circulated leak from a White House official who sought to establish that he “did not resign” but was forced out.

Sebastian Gorka: ‘The individuals who most embodied and represented the policies that will Make America Great Again, have been internally countered, systematically removed, or undermined in recent months.’

Nevertheless, Gorka said he still fully believes that Trump will make good on his promise.

“Your presidency will prove to be one of the most significant events in modern American politics,” Gorka said in his farewell letter.

“November the 8th was the result of decades during which the political and media elites felt that they knew better than the people who elect them into office. They do not, and the MAGA platform allowed their voices to be heard,” he wrote, adding, “Millions of people believe in, and have chosen, you and your vision of Making America Great Again. They will help eventually rebalance this temporary reality.”

That “temporary reality” includes “forces that do not support the MAGA promise” who “are – for now – ascendant within the White House,” Gorka wrote.

“Regrettably, outside of yourself, the individuals who most embodied and represented the policies that will ‘Make America Great Again,’ have been internally countered, systematically removed, or undermined in recent months.”

According to a report by The Federalist, a source close to the White House said of Gorka’s decision, “This was more or less going to be a done deal when (Steve) Bannon submitted his resignation. Not because he didn’t have a protector, but because there is no point in having your life ruined every day if you’re not going to get much accomplished.”

The same source said that what did change after Bannon left was that anti-Bannon factions began erecting bureaucratic road blocks to undermine Gorka internally.

Meanwhile, reported that Kelly Sadler, a low-level staffer in the White House and former Washington Times editor, “lied about her credentials to push inaccurate leaked information to the press” about Gorka’s departure.

In an email to a number of people in the media, Sadler opens up by saying the email is for “BACKGROUND PURPOSES ONLY.” That text is written in bright red, and bolded. The headline of the email is “Background on Sebastian Gorka.”

In the body of the email, Sadler then writes to media figures covering the resignation of Dr. Gorka: “From a White House Official: ‘Sebastian Gorka did not resign, but I can confirm he no longer works at the White House.’ ”

She rounds out the email to media elites by pleading: “No attribution to me, please. Senior White House official only.”

Sadler, Breitbart noted, is not a “senior White House official, she is a low-level press staffer, and a commissioned officer as a special assistant to the president.”

In addition, her claim that Gorka “did not resign” is also untrue, Breitbart said. Gorka sent the president a detailed resignation letter, as multiple media outlets have reported.

Breitbart added that “Sadler is by no means someone supportive of the president’s agenda. A former Washington Times writer, her husband Frank Sadler managed Carly Fiorina’s 2016 presidential campaign. Fiorina, of course, went on to sign up with Sen. Ted Cruz as his vice presidential candidate when he launched a last-ditch late primary effort against Trump. Fiorina was vehemently anti-Trump throughout the primaries, and during the general election in the middle of October called for Trump to “step aside” during the campaign when the Access Hollywood tape came out. Now, Sadler is working in the White House despite Fiorina’s efforts to hurt Trump all the way through the general election.”

There were frequent attacks against Gorka – and his family – from the Left, including personal attacks against his wife, mother, and son.

Several attack pieces by the Leftist media outlet The Forward attempted to align Gorka with Nazism. The Forward recently retracted a piece about Gorka’s son’s schoolwork.

Former Pentagon official Michael Rubin, who considers himself a “Never Trumper”, wrote for the Washington Examiner, that Gorka “was treated unfairly. He has become an example of how fringe bloggers and political hacks can advance falsehoods knowing that partisan blinders will prevent any critical assessment of their charges, no matter how bizarre.”

Criticism of Gorka “centered on three broad themes,” Rubin wrote.

1. Gorka was a right-wing extremist with ties to Neo-Nazi groups.

2. Gorka was not a real terrorism expert.

3. Gorka appeared on television too much.

First, “while many progressives and opponents of the regime accept with certainty that Gorka is a Nazi, a white nationalist, or an extremist, they have not been able to find a single statement or essay by Gorka or account of his speeches or comments supporting such positions,” Rubin wrote. “The Nazi accusation is about as logical as concluding that a picture of Gorka absent his glasses represents a secret endorsement of the Khmer Rouge.

“The situation gets worse: Three Democratic senators – Richard Blumenthal, Dick Durban, and Ben Cardin – have seized upon the calumny to suggest the Justice Department consider whether Gorka should have his citizenship revoked.

“This sets a dangerous precedent. Politics in Washington are poisonous, with extremists on both sides of debates losing civility and seeking to criminalize policy debate.”

Second, Rubin wrote on the idea that Gorka was a non-expert: “Long before Trump’s surprise rise to the presidency, I had the privilege of hearing Gorka lecture at the Marshall Center in Garmisch, Germany; to the FBI; at the U.S. Marine Corps University; and to U.S. Special Forces at Fort Bragg. To suggest that he was unknown is simply dishonest. Indeed, his lectures tended to receive rave reviews.

“Many of the academics who criticized Gorka as out of his depth at certain academic conferences would have or have had their theories ridiculed by practitioners such as the FBI and U.S Special Forces as out of touch with reality. There is also a touch of jealousy: Gorka has a New York Times best-selling book; they did not.”

Third, “the difference between Gorka and some other Trump administration officials appearing on television was that, like the policies or hate them, Gorka was effective. That some frequent talking heads criticized Gorka for the frequency of his appearances displayed a lack of self-awareness on their part. Still, it is true that Gorka’s presence on television combined with his effectiveness transformed him into a lightning rod for so many opponents of Trump’s policies.”

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