Coronavirus crisis threatens Xi Jinping regime

FPI / January 29, 2020

By Richard Fisher

“What the hell had the Wuhan mayor and the Party committee secretary doing?” This was the anguished plea of a citizen of the city of Wuhan, who had to circumvent considerable Chinese control over the Internet to post this plea condemning his government’s and the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) reaction to the latest coronavirus crisis.

On Jan. 25 an irate Wuhan City citizen got through state censorship barriers to post an anguished plea critical of the city government and its Communist Party leadership. / Chinese Internet

With nearly 60 million Chinese now under restriction or quarantine, a population larger than any Western capital city, and with no discernable limit yet as to how this pandemic will affect China and the world, the CCP regime is facing its most serious array of pressures since the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s.

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While the CCP may be able to fudge and survive one major crisis, it is not clear whether it could survive an array of crises that could also severely reduce the power of its internal security army.

As it is increasingly certain that the Wuhan develops for two or three weeks before showing signs, it may have started developing in the city of Wuhan in mid-November 2019.

However, the Chinese government did not alert the World Health Organization until Dec. 31, 2019 and the quarantine of Wuhan City and now 20 other cities did not start until Jan. 23.

From reports coming from Wuhan, such as from the citizen who posted his plea on the Internet on Jan. 25, it appears that public health institutions are overwhelmed and unresponsive while economic activity has nearly halted.

Given that a vaccine had not been developed as of Jan. 26, the Wuhan coronavirus has spread to 14 other countries, and many fear this could approach the seriousness of the 2019 Spanish Flu pandemic that killed 50 million people.

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